Checkpoint Systems, Supersmart, Bizerba Partner to Provide Comprehensive Secure Frictionless Shopping Experience for Global Retailers

Checkpoint Systems has announced a partnership with Supersmart and Bizerba Group to provide a portfolio of frictionless/self-checkout retail solutions geared to improve the customer experience while minimizing friction at checkout and maintaining loss prevention measures. The collaboration delivers a solution to enable an efficient mobile shopping experience, providing customers with the convenience of a fully autonomous shopping experience, thus minimizing queue times for large and small transactions.

Combining Checkpoint’s fifty years of loss prevention experience with Supersmart’s proprietary algorithms and image capture and Bizerba’s leading technology for retail, customers are reportedly assured of an improved shopping experience without the frustrations and delays of crowded stores and long queues. Additionally, retailers are assured they can continue to use the full portfolio of Checkpoint source-tagged merchandise and high-theft solutions to protect their most targeted merchandise from potential theft and organized retail crime.

A recent ECR report titled “Self-Checkout in Retail: Measuring Loss” found retailers have a desire to move towards self-checkout, scan-and-go, and other frictionless solutions. However, the ECR study concludes that although retailers may be augmenting customer satisfaction, the risk of shrink rises significantly. As the report finds, utilization of the new technologies increases shrink by 50 to 60 percent.

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“Working with Supersmart and Bizerba, we are excited to deliver solutions that meet the needs of retailers and consumers,” said Alan Tamny, global director of product management for Checkpoint Systems. “Together we can provide solutions to improve customer satisfaction while at the same time providing the loss prevention options our clients rely on, without having to overhaul their current EAS or source tagging programs. This enables retailers to shift towards this new technology in a controlled way helping to maximize convenience and minimize loss.”

“Self-checkout not only improves the shopping process, but improves the overall shopping experience,” said Yair Cleper, founder and CEO of Supersmart. “With our AI-based technology, Bizerba’s industry-leading solution for retail, and Checkpoint’s product protection, we offer customers and retailers alike the next generation of frictionless shopping experience.”

Tudor Andronic, VP Retail Bizerba and chairman of the board for Supersmart, said, “We are very happy with the cooperation between our companies and are excited about the solution possibilities.”

A demonstration of the first such collaboration will be shown at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show Jan. 13-15 at Checkpoint Solutions’ Booth 4373 and Bizerba’s Booth 4905.

Interested parties can visit Checkpoint’s Customer Experience Center by registering here.

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