Checkpoint Systems Introduces SFERO

Checkpoint Systems introduces SFERO, a fully customizable, modular RFID loss prevention system with high detection performance to minimize losses and protect stores in ways never possible—until now. 

This detection performance has been proven under defined tests, with 95 percent accuracy. Based on a retailer’s level of shrinkage across individual outlets, they can tailor their SFERO solution and adapt the level of protection for each retail environment in their portfolio as their stores grow and change.  

The increased detection range that comes with this latest innovation is one of the major benefits that enables both SFERO’s pioneering RFID as EAS technology, as well as inventory control. Our comprehensive range of inlays, labels, and hard tags offers retailers flexibility over how they choose to implement RFID across their product range. 

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The RFID as EAS solution features pedestal design as well as overhead sensors. SFERO can be set up as pedestal only, overhead only, or a combination of both, bringing more visibility and a powerful visual deterrent.

Stores will be able to ‘add’ extra features on to their initial investment at any time, making RFID as EAS more attractive as a solution that can grow and flex as the retailer’s business evolves; allowing new elements to be added, without the need to change or alter what is already deployed. 

The agile, cutting-edge RFID solution has also been developed to seamlessly integrate with customer visual merchandising. It ensures retailers can maintain excellent levels of security while preserving an open, clean point of entry up to 6.3m wide and 3.5m overhead that incurs little visual impact, thanks to the out of sight antennas.

Combined with inventory management which many retailers are already taking advantage of, the RFID as EAS security benefits delivered by SFERO offer next generation detection, leading to improved on-shelf availability, a lift in sales, and ultimately strengthening the return of your investment.

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