Checkpoint Systems Introduces New Solutions for Food Retailers to Reduce Shrink

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    Checkpoint Systems, Inc, a global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, recently announced at the FMI Asset Protection Conference two solutions for food retailers that are designed to reduce shrink and boost merchandise availability for hard-to-protect items.

    iS AutoPeg Tag
    Checkpoint’s iS AutoPeg Tag offers food retailers protection for high-risk peg hook merchandise such as batteries, razor blades and ink cartridges with a one-step, pinless tag. This solution snaps on single- or double-hole packaging and can be removed at point of sale (POS) for reuse. It is lightweight and strong, preserves product branding, is RFID upgradeable for inventory visibility and can be source applied.

    A senior LP executive from a large mass merchant said, “We tested this product for a large number of SKUs as part of a major pilot study and were impressed with how easy it was to apply and remove at POS; most importantly, with AutoPeg we increased sales by 30 percent compared to the EAS on-shelf protection method we use for personal care products. In addition, we are able to more efficiently manage shelf and warehouse space.”

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    4210 EP Food Label
    The 4210 EP Food Label is one of the few microwave-safe certified solutions on the market and features enhanced security performance for food retailers needing to protect fresh and frozen food items that are being increasingly targeted for theft. It is one of the world’s smallest food-safe RF labels, and can be integrated into price/scale labels for maximum protection, enabling food retailers to improve on-shelf availability. In addition, because the solution is thin, it maximizes space on retailers’ planograms. Like the iS AutoPeg, it can be applied in store or at source, which saves labor time and ensures all high-risk merchandise arrives secure and ready for sale. In addition, Checkpoint offers custom printing options for the new food label, which allows retailers to print store messages on labels, including their brand, if so desired.

    This new solution works in conjunction with Checkpoint’s Counterpoint iD RF (CPiD) deactivation system, which integrates easily with the bioptic scanner at POS. With its bigger zone of deactivation, CPiD reportedly decreases the likelihood of false alarms that might detract from a shopper’s experience, and enhances the credibility that an EAS alarm at the door is indeed a shoplifting attempt.

    CPiD offers improved performance, a carbon footprint reduction, and features an RFID roadmap for use with the next-generation RFID POS solutions. Additionally, CPiD’s network capabilities enable remote reporting for servicing and maintenance without the need for a technician service call.

    “Food retailers are increasingly challenged by shrink; in fact the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer shows that supermarkets/grocery retailers are experiencing the third-highest shrink rates among retail verticals,” said Uwe Sydon, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Checkpoint Systems. “Our latest solutions were designed together with food retailers and mass market retailers specifically to ensure merchandise remains safe and available, to improve ease of use, reduce losses and increase customer purchases.”

    iS AutoPeg Tag will be available in Q2 2015, and the 4210 EP Food solution is available for shipping immediately. Checkpoint is demonstrating these new products at FMI conference in the Vendor Pavilion.

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