Checkpoint Systems’ Introduces NeedleLok Theft Solution Tag and Next Generation of Specialized Tags

Checkpoint Systems has recently announced a new high-theft solution, the NeedleLok, that protects fine garments without leaving a pin hole, as well as the Alpha OptiLok™, its next generation of specialized tags for eyewear protection.

The NeedleLok

NeedleLok™ protects delicate fabric clothing, such as intimates as well as light and thin fabric garments, where a normal hard-tag and pin would leave a damaging hole in the merchandise after removal. As a single-piece solution, the NeedleLok enhances the ease of application and removal as well as the overall safety by covering the needle when not in use.

The NeedleLok includes an AM or RF ferrite to trigger an EAS system and provides benefit denial through the highly visible red ink vials.

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The NeedleLok is available in three locking strengths (S3, Standard Lock or Super Lock).

“Unlike other retail anti-theft solutions that simply aren’t appropriate for fine garments, NeedleLok will gently spread fabric threads instead of piercing them, therefore avoiding leaving a visible hole after removal,” said Stuart Rosenthal, vice president of sales and marketing for Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions. “This, combined with powerful anti-theft features, make it the perfect solution for protecting intimates and other thin/fine fabric garments.”

Key Features:

  • Single-piece tag with integrated needle, easier to manage by associates (single vs. multiple components)
  • Provides freedom of placement on the garment (no longer forced to use a seam)
  • Protected needle to prevent wear and potential injuries
  • Automatic spring loaded opening when placed on a key or detacher
  • Ink vial provides a strong visual deterrence and benefit denial

NeedleLok is available immediately. In addition, a Mini NeedleLok version will be available near the end of Q1 2018.

The Alpha OptiLok

The Alpha OptiLok™, Checkpoint’s next generation of specialized tags for eyewear protection.offers an improved and refined design to enhance the ease and speed of application/removal without any security compromises. It is based on a proven adjustable grip mechanism used in previous eyewear tags, but with a locking mechanism allowing easier application and removal. The locking mechanism is compatible with Checkpoint’s traditional S3 Key and is available in two sizes (large and extra deep) as well as two technologies (AM or RF).

According to Stuart Rosenthal , vice president of sales and Marketing for Checkpoint’s Alpha High-Theft Solutions, “We’ve learned a lot from our work with eyeglass retailers over the years, which has led us to this major improvement in protecting prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Our new OptiLok tag provides durable construction with protective rubber pads that securely hold and protect more than 95 percent of eyewear frames, while achieving fast and easy applications and removals.”

Key Features:

  • Available in AM or RF technology
  • Durable construction
  • Quick application and removal
  • Easy to recycle and reuse
  • Unobtrusive


OptiLok is available immediately for normal (large) frames, while an extra deep version for thick plastic eyewear frames will be available later in Q1 2018.

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