Chaos at Mall After Gunman Opens Fire

Shoppers who were inside the West County Mall in St. Louis ran frantically for their lives after hearing gunshots being fired. Hundreds of people ran for safety and many were cramped inside the mall’s bathroom locking it from the inside.

Pictures that were shared on Twitter show people hiding at stalls, stores, bathrooms until the police arrived. The shooting occurred at 7:50 pm in the area of the PacSun store on the second level of the mall.

Mall authorities’ initial call to police said an “active shooter” was on a rampage inside the mall. The police quickly arrived at the scene.

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It is reported that an altercation between two groups of people turned violent and a man from one of the groups pulled out a gun and fired at the other. However, no one was injured during the mishap, reported Fox2Now.

The police briefly placed the mall on lockdown, forcing shoppers and staff to remain inside stores, restaurants and bathrooms for their safety. The police have detained the two groups of people connected with the altercation and shooting at the West County Mall and investigation is currently underway…   International Business Journal

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