CEO Mike Coffey Discusses the Impact on Retailers of DTT’s Acquisition of EZUniverse and 360iQ Technology Platform

In an exclusive interview with LP Magazine, DTT’s Chief Executive Officer Mike Coffey explained how today’s announcement of their acquisition of EZUniverseĀ®, which includes 360iQ, a data analytics and video surveillance platform, expands the company’s intelligent video-based surveillance and loss prevention services to further improve retail operations.

“The acquisition of EZUniverse provides a significant expansion of our products and will deliver dramatically enhanced capabilities to our customers,” said Coffey, “which will help our loss prevention clients do a better job of protecting retail assets. Beyond that, the comprehensive analytics, video analysis, and big data capabilities will enable them to impact much more than just asset protection by further improving operations in areas like enhancing the guest experience that is so important in today’s retail environment.”

Coffey added, “Expanding our technology platform combined with our acquisition of LP Innovations (LPI) earlier this year gives us a significant advantage over other technology providers. With LPI’s loss prevention professionals out in the field working with store managers, we can offer our clients hands-on assistance with these tools to greatly benefit store operations.”

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DTT CEO Mike Coffey (left) with EZUniverse CEO Leszek James

Concurrent with the acquisition, EZUniverse CEO Leszek James was named president of the EZUniverse business at DTT. “We are thrilled to become part of the growing DTT family and continue to develop our exceptional operational tool with DTT and expand our combined customer base,” said James. “One of the driving factors of the acquisition was the alignment that the teams at DTT and EZUniverse felt for each other. We now have a unique group of people dedicated to helping the restaurant, quick service, and retail markets run better stores.”

Founder and Chairman of DTT Sam Naficy

DTT has had a long history of organic growth that has been enhanced with the two recent acquisitions. Sam Naficy, the founder and chairman of DTT, remarked, “this acquisition represents continued board support and substantial investment by the existing shareholders in the long-term success of DTT. We have the best products, people, and the largest and most well-served customer base in what we do. We are committed to using M&A to enhance our platform to create unparalleled value.”

DTT supports more than 42,000 clients, including McDonald’s, Subway, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Arby’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Auntie Anne’s. DTT protects trillions of dollars in assets and oversees nearly 2 million employees every day.

EZUniverse was incorporated in 2009 and is a technology company focused on building and
implementing turn-key Business Management Systems that use big data and video surveillance to empower companies to improve operations. The EZUniverse mission is to give brands the technology, tools, and support to increase profits at a cost far lower than the monetary benefits realized. EZUniverse provides one single view of any enterprise, which allows our clients to use technology and management support services to quantify, measure, and act on issues in real time, anytime, anywhere.

“It’s been an exciting year for DTT with two strategic acquisitions and expansion of our executive team,” said Coffey. “The team at EZUniverse has acquired significant customers and built a scalable platform that truly improves store operations. When combined with MyDTT and LPI’s loss prevention services, DTT has a truly unique and comprehensive offering, enabling our customers to increase their operational efficiency, while integrated with intelligent video.”

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