CEM Systems Releases Central Alarm Management Application

Tyco Security Products has released CEM Systems AC2000 Security Hub: a new, intuitive alarm management application for centrally managing events within the AC2000 access control system and its integrated sub-system including video, fire, intruder and building management systems.

“AC2000 Security Hub brings with it all the proven reliability and resilience of the prior CEM AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) application, but with enhanced benefits of a modern, intuitive and highly configurable user interface that empowers users to create their own custom command and control centre.” said George Martinez, Senior Product Manager, Tyco Security Products. “With powerful, eye-catching audio-visual event notifications and Graphical Maps, Security Hub was designed with security procedures and operations in mind and enables security personnel to identify and respond to events in real time, on-time and according to priority.”

AC2000 Security Hub offers a single, central interface for all command and control functions. With full interoperability between all system components, users have a seamless video integration interface (Video Micro-Viewer) which enables them to view live and pre-recorded video footage for specific events. They can also configure applications, run in-built reports, and view alarms and transactions with associated video, all within the one, powerful software interface.

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Security Hub creates the ultimate user experience in alarm and event management and is highly flexible to suit individual site requirements and security rules. Operators choose how they want to view and process alarms using advanced graphical maps, text alarm lists and/or by using configurable alarm processing graphical workflows. Using AC2000 Security Hub workflows, a set of user determined sequential actions are configured to ensure the correct course of action is followed by personnel when responding to critical security events.

Other self-configurable tools within Security Hub include configurable map icons / sounds, site specific alarm escalation, event driven cause-and-effect mechanisms and customised Security Hub layout templates per user.

As a multi-user interface, Security Hub provides local or multi-site monitoring of security systems.

With an array of user-friendly applications, Security Hub was also designed to support multiple monitor screens where application tabs such as ‘Video Micro-Viewer’, ‘Alarms Processing’ and ‘Generated Reports’ can be undocked from the main AC2000 workstation and placed onto separate screens to optimise security operations.

AC2000 Security Hub assists in reducing risk; response times to critical events and simplifies security operations, while at the same time increases event visualisation and alarm accountability.

To find out more about the full list of features available in AC2000 Security Hub or to request an AC2000 Security Hub demo please visit www.cemsys.com/

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