Corrective Education Company Looks to Help Retailers Combat Employee Turnover Through CEC Retain

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Using the knowledge and experience they have gained through the success of their restorative justice education course, CEC introduces CEC Retain™ to help retailers address employee behavior that leads to turnover. Employee turnover costs retailers millions each year. CEC Retain was designed to improve employee engagement, which leads to employee loyalty and productivity, saving retailers time and money to source, screen, onboard, and train new employees. “Turnover effects every retailer, which then leaves the retailer spending between $2,000-$3,600 (according to Bloomberg) on average to bring on a new employee,” said CEC CEO Brian Ashton. “By increasing employee engagement and retention we can help retailers and other employers retain their best employees longer, lowering their onboarding costs.”

CEC Retain was built on the principles that motivated employees are more productive, better team members, and more loyal to their company. CEC Retain reportedly addresses the problems that can lead to employee turnover but also helps the employee learn ways to overcome these challenges for themselves and their co-workers. The course contains six units that are modular and can be implemented at various stages in the employee life cycle. To learn more stop by booth 415 at RILA or please contact Corrective Education Company at

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