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ORCAs in Action summer event

WEBINAR: ORCAs in Action Summer Summit 2022

This event will feature presentations by top leaders and subject-matter experts on topics critical to the fight against ORC.

ON-DEMAND: Your Data Driven Journey to a Smarter Retail Experience

Hear how to leverage surveillance data and advanced analytics to support to go beyond safety and security to support advanced business solutions.

ON-DEMAND: Accidents, Active Threats, and Attitudes

Hear two industry leaders who live and breathe safety share the successes and lessons learned to drive success in keeping stores safe.

ON-DEMAND: Storefront Security and Emergency Response Survey Results

This webinar discusses the findings of an LPM survey and what was learned about protecting retail stores and employees.

ON-DEMAND: Fighting Organized Retail Crime Can Lead to “Electric” Results

Following the money and outside-the-box thinking at Lowe's resulted in an $11 million case and the recovery of warehouses full of stolen electric wire.
Follow the Money ORC

ON-DEMAND: Following the Money to Identify and Dismantle ORC Networks

Finding and following the money as it flows through legal and illegal channels is critical to identify the network, build the case, and ultimately dismantle the ORC operation.
ORCAs in Action

ON-DEMAND: Homeland Security, RILA, and Top Retail Investigators ORC Update

Hear updates on the status of the retail industry's fight against organized retail crime from retail, law enforcement, and Homeland Security investigators.

ON-DEMAND: Homeland Security Team Explains How They Fight ORC

The HSI team shares their efforts to work with retailers and create public-private partnerships, and how these partnerships help fight ORC.

ON-DEMAND: ORCAs in Action Fall Summit

This virtual ORCAS in Action Fall Summit is part of the ongoing loss prevention industry fight against organized retail crime.
Crisis management tabletop exercise

ON-DEMAND: An Exercise in Crisis Response

Our panel of experts take part in an interactive tabletop exercise of crisis scenarios including severe weather, civil unrest, active threat, and a “wild card” event.
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