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The Loss Prevention Magazine podcast keeps loss prevention professionals, security staff, and retail management up-to-date on important information and best practices for your business and career. Each episode features insights from retail loss protection, asset protection, law enforcement and more.

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An Update on FMI with VP of Industry Relations Doug Baker | Ep. 67

Baker discusses the work that FMI has done to keep the food industry afloat throughout the challenges of the pandemic, including developing educational guides.

Part 2 of LPM’s Podcast with Raul Aguilar of Homeland Security | Ep. 66

In this episode of LPM’s Take 10 limited series podcast, Kevin McMenimen speaks with Deputy Assistant Director of Homeland Security Investigations Raul Aguilar for the second time.

Top LPM Podcasts of 2021

Throughout 2021, LPM published 24 episodes of its podcast, totaling 916 minutes of content. And, thanks to our loyal listeners, those podcasts were downloaded a total of 12,864 times.

The Importance of Branding with T-Mobile’s Jennifer Schaefer | Ep. 65

In this podcast, Jennifer Schaefer talks about T-Mobile’s international ambassador program and the importance of branding.

The Dangers of Defunding the Police with Rob Holm | Ep. 62

Holm talks about the consequences slashed police budgets can bring and, personally, what faith and family—his number one priorities—mean to him.
Raul Aguilar

Homeland Security’s Role Fighting Organized Retail Crime | Ep. 63

HSI Deputy Assistant Director Raul Aguilar explains his team’s responsibility in solving fraud cases around the world.
Crisis management tabletop exercise

An Exercise in Crisis Response | Ep. 61

In this podcast, hear a panel of experts take part in an interactive crisis tabletop discussion reviewing a series of emergency scenarios.
Mike Lamb

How NASP’s Better Choices Program Helps Retailers Manage Internal Dishonesty | Ep. 64

Mike Lamb explains how NASP's Better Choices Program gives retailers an option for retaining dishonest employees through education.
Rob LaCommare

Importance of Company Culture and Continuing Education with Big Lots’ Rob LaCommare | Ep....

LaCommare discusses Big Lots’ culture of putting family first, and how the company prioritizes its employees’ personal needs.
LP Leader of the Year Ben Dugan of CVS Health

What’s Cooking at CLEAR and the National Response to ORC | Ep. 59

Ben Dugan talks about how ORC is the number one priority for retailers, generating a national conversation on how to combat organized retail crime.
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