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Small Steps Can Lead to Remarkable Journeys

The sum total of our choices—what we know, where we are, what happened around us, how we responded, and what we’ve learned—combined with the person we were yesterday, is what creates the individual we see in the mirror.

Elephants and Tree Branches

Have you ever looked at an image and felt like you truly identified with it but didn’t know why, like some sort of weird synchronicity that you just couldn’t put your finger on?

It Takes All Kinds of Minds

Whether the product of new ideas or the acceleration of plans already in motion, retail is evolving quickly.
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Resiliency Standing Front and Center

LPM's Editorial Director Jac Brittain shares closing words for the Spring 2022 magazine edition, focusing on resiliency and working together.

A New Year with New Beginnings

There are some exciting things in the works. Here’s to all we have to look forward to in 2022! Happy New Year!

Building on What We Do Best

Looking back on the past 24 months, we have faced a perfect storm of events that have largely redefined our communities, the business of retail, and the face of loss prevention.

Reflecting on the Past 20 Years

Here at the magazine, we’re celebrating our twentieth birthday this September. During that time, I have written over 100 Parting Words articles.
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Welcome Back

Getting back to normal, right? Whatever normal is. At least back to where we were before COVID-19.
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Trying Harder

Around the new year, I made a list of things I would like to accomplish or work a little harder on. It's time to check my progress.

Thoughts on the Pandemic and Groundhog Day

I have described the past year as one big Groundhog Day for me. Get up, have breakfast, go to the office, go home, watch TV. Get up the next day and repeat.
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