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Caroline Kochman

LPM Magpie Awards: Caroline Kochman, Excellence in Partnerships

Kochman believes that working together, speaking with a collective voice, and merging industry resources will reduce overall retail theft.
Roger Greene

LPM Magpie Awards: Roger Greene, Excellence in Leadership

Greene began his LP career with Broadway Stores in 1978 and moved to TJX Companies in 1991, where he has spent the past thirty years.
Rhett Asher

LPM Magpie Awards: Rhett Asher, Excellence in Partnerships

"Whether personally or professionally, I always strive to find a way to provide value to each and every relationship."
Joe Hopkins

LPM Magpie Awards: Joe Hopkins, Excellence in Partnerships

“Early in my career I realized the value of employing resources outside of my department to further my investigative efforts.”
Magpie winner Adrian Beck

LPM Magpie Awards: Adrian Beck, Excellence in Partnerships

“Carrying out research on retail LP is not easy. Information is often hard to come by. Organizations are frequently wary about sharing data."
Magpie winner Millie Kresevich

LPM Magpie Awards: Millie Kresevich, Excellence in Leadership

“To be a true leader in LP, you must stay true to your values, be flexible, adaptable, have compassion, and strive to make things better.”
Guy Yehiav

LPM Magpie Awards: Guy Yehiav, Excellence in Partnerships

“If there’s anything that working two decades in the industry has taught me, it’s that keeping solutions simple is critical to success.”
Lisa LaBruno

LPM Magpie Awards: Lisa LaBruno, Excellence in Leadership

RILA's Lisa LaBruno’s ability to connect the asset protection industry has been the symbol of leadership during the COVID pandemic.
Walmart employee volunteer at drive-up testing site

Excellence in Community Service: The Retail Industry and Everyday Retail Heroes

Despite the hardships encountered by retail, the spirit and generosity of the retail community is evident in many ways during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mat Schriner

LPM Magpie Awards: Mat Schriner, Excellence in Partnerships

“Trust is built on integrity and communication. By having clear lines of respectful communication, we can establish diversity of thought, discover better ways to build out solutions to problems, and deliver better results.”
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