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Walmart employee volunteer at drive-up testing site

Excellence in Community Service: The Retail Industry and Everyday Retail Heroes

Despite the hardships encountered by retail, the spirit and generosity of the retail community is evident in many ways during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mat Schriner

LPM Magpie Awards: Mat Schriner, Excellence in Partnerships

“Trust is built on integrity and communication. By having clear lines of respectful communication, we can establish diversity of thought, discover better ways to build out solutions to problems, and deliver better results.”
Fritz Hirchert

LPM Magpie Awards: Fritz Hirchert, Excellence in Leadership

“Be available, step up, fill the void, and make it happen. Take leadership seriously. Make a difference, and have that difference mean something.”

LPM Magpie Awards: Read Hayes, Excellence in Partnerships

“Always work to improve your capabilities and impact, build relationships, and perform. But never make it all about you—never. Good people doing good things tend to get recognized and promoted, but almost never overnight. Be patient.”
Shane Sturman

LPM Magpie Awards: Shane Sturman, Excellence in Partnerships

“Successful business relationships are built on mutual respect and developed over time. It takes effort from both parties to maintain them. As in any relationship, trust is earned—and if you lose it, you’ll likely never get it back.”

LPM Magpie Awards: Joan Sparks, Excellence in Partnerships

“When building business partnerships, it’s most important to demonstrate true interest in the retailer’s situations, needs, and goals. Solution providers must find meaningful ways to give back to the retail and loss prevention industry.”

LPM Magpie Awards: Melissa Allgood, Excellence in Leadership

“I feel my greatest accomplishment is building a team that embodies the culture and philosophy of loss prevention, providing objective findings and results to the organization that are a positive financial impact to the bottom line.”

LPM Magpie Awards: Sean Sportun, Excellence in Leadership

“Becoming a leader takes a special skill set. It’s more than just managing the team. You need to know how to treat people—leading by example, taking ownership and responsibility for your actions, and being an effective communicator and a good listener. This approach will make people want to work with you rather than just for you.”

LPM Magpie Awards: Ed Tonkon, Excellence in Partnerships

“As a fourth-generation retailer, I have retail in my DNA. And of all the retail functions, I have always admired how LP professionals share the strongest collaborations. Together, they’re committed to improving the safety of the stores, reducing total retail loss, and adding value to their companies."

LPM Magpie Awards: Bill Titus, Excellence in Leadership

The LPM “Magpie” Awards offer a means to celebrate industry accomplishments on an ongoing basis, recognizing the loss prevention professionals, teams, solution providers, law...

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