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IntelliQ case management

IntelliQ is a trusted partner to the global loss prevention community, providing unique data analytic software which identifies and reduces shrink across multiple retail sectors. Our services at IntelliQ have expanded to include CCTV integration, AI technology, and in-house analysis and guidance to assist companies that have limited resources. We are thrilled to introduce the only customizable case management platform, built with the LP professional in mind.

IntelliQ cases piechartOur stand-alone case management solution was designed to be simple enough for the end user to navigate, with little to no training, yet complex enough for the administrator to control all aspects of the system and enable customizable changes in line with your business requirements. We left no stone unturned in making sure all required fields are captured, including rewards, civil recovery, local law enforcement reporting, multi-incident capabilities, and all relevant interview information. The main search bar allows for users to search the database using any key word within a report, creating a quick and easy way to find your targeted case when needing to review, edit, or modify. Your ability to upload documents and CCTV creates a complete case file, to be reviewed within the workflow established and follow up where needed.

IntelliQ dashboardsThe dynamic dashboards and customized reporting allow you to easily see and report on the value that has been added back to the business. Accountability is taken to the next level, as users can see what their responsibilities are, and line managers are able to report on the performance within their region. Chain of custody is intact with our edit modes and secure fields keeping all documents and statements secure and centralized.

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The case management platform links to our data analytics platform, enabling the user to create new cases or add to existing cases directly from exception reports, with all the applicable information being transferred and populated, saving time and reducing human error for the end user.

We are proud to launch this all-in-one LP and risk management solution for any company, no matter the size or the landscape. For a demonstration of our solution, please visit our website where you can arrange for a viewing or call (402) 699 7935.

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