Suspect Pulls Knife Stolen from Store on LP Team

A large bowie knife laying on the wooden table used for hunting or camping.

A 62-year-old transient man in Califonia was arrested after allegedly stealing merchandise from Walmart and using that merchandise against the store loss prevention associates confronting him, according to Napa police.

After putting more than $300 worth of merchandise into a shopping cart, the subject, later identified as Mark Leray Vroman, exited the store with the merchandise, bypassing checkout and not rendering payment, police said. When loss prevention associates contacted Vroman outside the store, Vroman reached into the shopping cart and pulled out a large black hunting-style knife that he had just stolen and swung it in the direction of the LP associates.

Vroman first threatened to stab the officers then, as he reached into his backpack, threatened to shoot them. Fearing for their safety, the associates retreated and headed back toward the store. Police said that Vroman then lost his footing, fell to the ground and dropped the knife before fleeing the scene.

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Police located Vroman nearby and, after he was positively identified by loss prevention and surveillance footage, was arrested. Vroman was booked on suspicion of robbery, dissuading a witness by threats, and criminal threats as well as a parole violation. No firearms were located. [Source: Napa Valley Register]

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