BrickHouse Security: Stop Profits From Walking Out the Door

Brickhouse Security

No matter the loss prevention problem, BrickHouse Security ( has the solution. For years, retailers from around the country have worked with BrickHouse Security to find answers to their hard-to-solve shrinkage problems. From employee theft to shoplifting or smash and grab operations to organized retail crime, our loss prevention specialists can help find the best custom solution for your business.

Hidden Cameras Cover Your Blind Spots

Nearly half of all retail shrinkage is due to employee theft. It’s likely that your employees know where the surveillance cameras are set up around your business. But there is a solution. BrickHouse Security’s hidden cameras are portable, user-friendly and perfect for filling in the gaps of your store’s surveillance system. Choose from multiple camera form factors (like exit signs or electrical boxes) or select a nondescript black box hidden camera perfect for completely covert evidence.

Never Lose Sight of Valuable Inventory With GPS Trackers

Only 1 in 48 retail theft cases are caught; half of those prosecuted. With expensive inventory, your business is financially vulnerable even if only a few items go missing. Custom GPS trackers from BrickHouse Security help you track individual items in real time from the comfort of your PC or smartphone. We provide customizable trackers built for your unique product specifications.

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Body-Worn Surveillance Captures Vital Evidence

Sixty-eight percent of all retail shrink is preventable. BrickHouse Security provides covert, easy-to-use body worn cameras. Hidden in eyeglasses, hats, pens and countless other everyday items give investigators and professional tools they need to record video and audio evidence of employees and customers without arousing suspicion.

Visit the BrickHouse Security website or call (800) 654-7966 to learn more about our custom solutions and start protecting your inventory today.

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