Breaking News in the Industry: March 25, 2016

Sports Industry Loses Billions to IP Thieves
The global sports industry loses billions of dollars a year to counterfeiting—not only of merchandise but also of fake tickets, illegal streaming and bogus social media and online offers, according to a new report that highlights major intellectual property issues facing sports organizations. “Protecting their intellectual property is now one of the biggest concerns that a sports organization faces,” the report, published by the online brand protection company NetNames, says. The sale of counterfeit goods still poses the most risk to sports organizations—especially when they become successful and move into the world of e-commerce, the report says. Estimates have put the value of losses relating to the sale of counterfeit goods worldwide at more than $650 billion a year. []

FedEx Employees Accused of Stealing $13K Worth of Electronics
Authorities arrested four FedEx employees accused of looting $13,428 worth of electronic equipment from package. All from New Orleans, they were booked Monday with theft valued over $1,500, said Lt. Brian McGregor. The four worked as package handlers at the FedEx Shipping Center in Kenner LA. An anonymous tipster contacted Crimestoppers Inc. in February and reported the thefts, McGregor said. “We have a good working relationship with the internal security at FedEx, and we notified them. They initiated an internal investigation,” McGregor said. []

Connecticut State Police Find Brooklyn Man with 37 Fake Credit Cards in Traffic Stop
A Brooklyn man is facing counterfeiting and identity theft charges after a traffic stop Wednesday led to police discovering more than 30 fake credit cards and $6,600 in merchandise purchased with the cards, Connecticut State Police said. Marc Lazarre, 31, was charged with speeding, third-degree larceny, credit card theft, credit card counterfeiting, and identity theft, according to police.Troopers stopped Lazarre after observing him speeding on the highway. As officers checked his information, they discovered he was on parole in New York City, and under the terms of his parole, he was not allowed to travel out of state. []

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Tacoma Woman Sentenced to More Than Two Years for ORC Ring
A Lewis County Superior Court judge sentenced a Tacoma woman to 25 months in prison on Wednesday for organizing a retail theft operation using three juveniles, including one of her children. “I want to apologize for being here. I took something that didn’t belong to me,” said Rosemary Valderas Valencia, who appeared in court out of custody. She said she didn’t plan on having the juveniles steal anything; it was their choice. However, while wiping tears from her eyes, she said she takes full responsibility. Valencia, 44, pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree organized retail theft on March 4. []

Shoplifting Complaint Leads to Meth Bust
The arrest of a woman accused of shoplifting ingredients used to make methamphetamine lead authorities to search an apartment where they interrupted someone cooking the drug. Traverse City Police Detective Sgt. Keith Gillis said a retail fraud Monday afternoon kicked off a series of events that resulted in three meth-related arrests a woman, 23, a man, 30, and a man, 31 were arrested Monday. Meijer reported a theft at about 3:30 p.m. and the suspect, a woman, 23, ran into the woods north of Meijer, said Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Capt. Chris Clark. A sheriff’s deputy tracked her down and arrested her, he said. The deputy realized she stole materials used to cook meth. []

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