Breaking News in the Industry: July 15, 2016

Shoplifting Arrest Leads to Major Drug Bust

Three people have been charged in one of the biggest meth busts in Burke County, North Carolina history. Garry Dean Sanders, Sue Ann Chambers and Billy Clay Everhart all were charged with trafficking methamphetamine after officers with the Morganton Department of Public Safety found 77 grams of the drug following a call about shoplifting.

Capt. Jason Whisnant with MDPS said the haul was worth thousands of dollars on the street and was one of the largest drug busts ever in the area. “I’ve never seen that much meth in one place,” he said. MDPS was called to Wal-Mart on Monday evening when loss prevention told dispatch that suspected shoplifters were leaving the Morganton Heights Shopping Center in a white Kia Soul. Officer J. Walker saw the vehicle leaving the shopping center and conducted a traffic stop to investigate the reported thievery, according to a press release from MDPS The driver, Sanders, 30, initially gave a false name and ID to Walker, but with the use of in-car technology, his true identity was discovered, the release said. When asked about the stolen items, Chambers, 38, said she “gave it all back.” [Source: The News Herald]

Embezzlement Continues to Be a Concern for US Businesses

White collar crime and embezzlement are key concerns for American businesses, according to a Hiscox study. Those U.S. organizations with up to 500 employees saw a median loss of $341,710 a year from employee theft, the study said. Moreover, small businesses had higher instances of embezzlement overall.
Over 80 percent of thefts occurred at companies with fewer than 150 employees, and just under half had fewer than 25 employees, the study reveals. Doug Karpp, senior vice president, Crime & Fidelity Product head at Hiscox, told InsideCounsel that law firms fall under the professional services category in the study. “These firms had the highest median losses this year of $615,101 and made up about 5 percent of the total number of embezzlements in the study,” Karpp said. “The study is helpful in making business owners and managers aware of the likelihood of having an embezzlement at their company. Law firms are not immune.”  [Source: Inside Council]

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Multiple Organized Theft Arrests in Texas

Multiple arrests have been made this week of individuals charged with organized retail theft. At least four people had been taken into custody between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

Angela Lajoi Housewright, 43; Dwight Daniel Housewright, 38; Brandia Dawnsha Riley, 21; and Chandra Marvon Wilder, 20; were each charged with one count of engaging in organized criminal activity and organized retail theft. None were listed in custody at the Hunt County Detention Center as of Wednesday evening.
As of Wednesday, it was unknown whether the arrests were related to one another or whether they were connected to a reported investigation by the Greenville Police Department at the local Marshalls store. Police Chief Daniel J. Busken said Tuesday that 18 indictments had been issued in the case, with the department wanting to speak with more than 20 others. [Source: Herald Banner]


LP Worldwide: European Customers Call for Biometric Payments

European consumers are ready to make payments using biometric authentication, with half of consumers believing payments will be faster and easier. Over two-thirds of European consumers are calling for biometrics, with 75% wanting two-factor authentication to secure their payments. Two-factor authentication is the combination of “something you have” – a card or a mobile device –with “something you are” – a biometric, PIN or password.

Research from Visa stated fingerprint recognition is the most popular form of biometrics, with 81% of consumers believing it is the most secure, followed by iris scanning (76%).   The study of over 14,000 European consumers, concluded the advance of mobile payments has caused fingerprint recognition to fall in favour because of its ease of use and security. Meanwhile the trust in voice or facial recognition across Europe is much lower, with only 12% and 15% respectively wanting to use these biometrics to secure payments while shopping.  [Source: Essential Retail]


NYPD Issues “Pokémon Go” Safety Tips

We can’t seem to help ourselves. We’ve turned into Pokémon Go monsters, playing in some of the most inappropriate places and showing little regard for our surroundings. It’s bad enough that the NYPD had to issue safety tips, because common sense has clearly left us. Every time you start it, the app warns you to stay aware of your surroundings. But, I have to think that some players take that to mean stay aware of your virtual surroundings as you hunt for Charmander and company.

The NYPD official Pokémon Go Safety Tips were issued as a result of Police Commissioner Bratton being peppered with questions about Pokémon-related crimes. The list kicks off with this admonition: “Around the country the Pokémon Go craze has seen reports of accidents, injuries and even crimes where suspects have set-up fake ‘Pokéstops.'” It goes on to advise people to be alert and aware of their surroundings. The agency recommends you play in pairs, but not to play while on a bike, skateboard or other vehicle you’re operating. In the I-can’t-believe-they-had-to-say-this category, the NYPD says do not trespass on private property. (Let’s just hope the cops follow their own rules; it seems even they can’t resist the game).  [Source: Yahoo Tech]

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