Brazen Burglary at Outlet Store Caught on Video

Police in Vacaville, California, want you to see video, found on their Facebook page, to help their investigation and find the thieves.

In the video, employees and customers are in shock as the first thief fills her bag with clothes. Then another walks by with arms overflowing with hanging clothes. And finally, two people casually walk out of the store with stolen merchandise while alarms sound.

Sgt. David Spencer says, “Kind of scary when they enter a store like that in the middle of the morning, Sunday morning, and just began loading up bags and bags of property that didn’t belong to them.”

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These thieves were ready. They put a plastic bag on the rear license plate so the getaway car couldn’t be identified. And they walked into the store with a bunch of empty shopping bags ready to fill up… ABC7 News

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