Boon Edam to Feature Security Entrance Integrations with Access Control Solutions at ASIS

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Boon Edam has recently announced it will be emphasizing integrated access control solutions that both authenticate authorized passage and prevent tailgating in Booth #4003 at the 63rd ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, TX, from September 26-28. The manufacturer is also the official Turnstile Sponsor for the Exhibition.

“Integration” the Main Theme for Product Demos in the Booth

The following solutions will be on display in the Boon Edam booth to demonstrate how facilities from all industries can prevent unauthorized entry and track who is in their facility at any time:

  • A Lifeline Speedlane Swing optical turnstile, which offers a cabinet design and swinging panel, will feature an integrated custom pedestal that incorporates the MorphoWave™ touchless fingerprint technology from OT-Morpho. This integrated solution, which was recently custom developed for a specific customer, enables high throughput with the enhanced security of rapid biometric identification, with maximum convenience in a stylish, cohesive design.
  • The Circlelock 200 security portal is a turnkey, anti-piggybacking mantrap entrance for sensitive, high-security areas, such as data centers. The entrance will be configured with a two-factor authentication scenario: an initial authentication using an AMAG Symmetry card reader to enter the portal, followed by iris scanning technology from Iris ID Systems, Inc., called the iCAM7S Series reader, to open the second set of doors.
  • The Circlelock 200 Wall Mount is a specially designed mantrap portal for placement on existing swinging doors to create an unmanned anti-piggybacking solution. This product will also have a two-factor authentication scenario: initial authentication using an AMAG Symmetry card reader to enter the portal, followed by facial scanning technology from StoneLock Pro® facial recognition technology to open the second set of doors.
  • The Tourlock 180+90 security revolving door will feature an AMAG Symmetry card reader to demonstrate access control integration paired with the door’s uniquely high, bi-directional throughput and its ability to prevent tailgating and piggybacking without manned supervision.
  • StereoVision 2® is a proprietary technology in Boon Edam’s Circlelock and Tourlock that enables piggybacking prevention using a combination of near infrared and optical sensors to “see” the interior compartment and determine if someone is alone. Visitors to the booth will be able to see how they can calibrate the technology to obtain the mathematical probability of successful piggybacking prevention, thereby justifying their investment in high security doors and portals.
  • BoonTouch, a proprietary desktop touchpad with integrated software that enables efficient traffic management for many types of Boon Edam security entrances.
  • BoonConnect, an IP-addressable, proprietary software system that provides diagnostic and configuration tools for the Tourlock security revolving door and Circlelock mantrap portal. Users can remotely access door operations and events using devices such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone via secured corporate network.

Official Turnstile Sponsor

As the Official Turnstile Sponsor at ASIS International for a second year, Boon Edam will install 27 lanes of barrier-free Speedlane 2048 optical turnstiles at the main entrance halls to the exhibits. The Speedlanes are the first product all attendees walk through as they enter the exhibits hall.

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