Axon De-escalation and Investigation Technology Now Available to Retail and LP

Axon has been providing public safety agencies with safety and security technology for two decades. To help meet the challenges of organized retail crime, rising workplace violence, and the increasing need for retail to work with law enforcement, Axon Loss Prevention Solutions are now available to LP and retail security leaders.

Axon can help you maximize profitability by protecting the assets of your organization, and more importantly, your people. Its technology suite protects your assets, creates a safer workplace for associates, and a better shopping experience for your customers.

Axon Body-worn Cameras

Body-worn cameras (BWCs) cover CCTV blind spots and make internal and external theft less likely to occur and more likely to be captured on camera when it does.

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Additionally, BWCs act as a de-escalation tool that leads to decreased assault rates. People immediately behave better when they know they are on camera.

Axon Investigation Platform

Body-worn camera footage is automatically ingested into the Axon software platform and can be combined with other data sources such as CCTV footage or photos or videos provided by the public.

The Axon Platform makes data ingestion, case management, and sharing with law enforcement and public safety agencies simple so you can prosecute a higher number of ORC cases.

TASER Conducted Electrical Devices

TASER devices provide the world’s most effective and tested non-lethal use-of-force option. In high-crime areas where assaults are common, equipping security staff with TASERs provides a de-escalation tool that greatly decreases risk of injury. Studies have shown that merely displaying a TASER is often all that is needed to de-escalate a tense situation.

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