Autoventions Trailer Sentry, Powered by 7PSolutions

Autoventions recently announced its patent-pending Trailer Sentry™ security solution, which enables the locking and unlocking of trailer brakes using a proprietary combination of hardware and software. This anti-theft system prevents assets from being moved or stolen. Cargo trailers can now be left anywhere with the knowledge that the trailer brakes are locked and cannot move without releasing them via specific software app.

Dispatch may grant or remove access to specific drivers via web-based software, allowing them to control specific assets using an app from any Bluetooth-enabled Android or iOS phone or tablet. The Trailer Sentry app is now available to download from the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Autoventions has partnered with 7PSolutions, a GPS systems provider based in Nashville, IN, to develop the software integration package. “The Trailer Sentry will allow cargo haulers tremendous peace of mind knowing their cargo is secured and controlled by company dispatchers,” said Autoventions CEO Michael Burns. In addition, the working relationship with 7PSolutions has proved valuable as 7P provides an integrated GPS system for asset tracking and 24/7 customer service.

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“We have been excited about the Trailer Sentry technology since first being introduced,” said Jeff Clark, 7PSolutions founder and CEO. “Adding our software technologies and optional GPS, we are providing trucking companies and their customers an added layer of security.”

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