Authorities Detail Initiative to Prevent Gift Card Scams

Authorities in Douglas County announced an initiative to prevent gift card scams at retail stores on Thursday.

Officials from Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County municipal police departments, the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office and Safeway / Albertsons spoke about an ongoing trend of people being scammed into buying gift cards.

Victims are often tricked, usually over the phone, into thinking they need to buy gift cards and send them as payment.

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Typical things scammers say to victims is that gift cards are needed to pay a fine or debt for felony warrants out for their arrest, missing jury selection, a loved one in the hospital or in jail out of state and more.

Gift card scams typically ranging between $2,000 and $5,000 are currently being reported four or five times a week, according to authorities.

Authorities made it clear that no government agency will ever asked for a fine or debt to be paid with gift cards, and that it is not a practice facilitated by law enforcement or retail stores.

Authorities said retail stores are also training employees to help prevent fraud by being cautious when customers attempt to spend a large amount on gift cards and informing them about ongoing scams.

The news conference took place at the Safeway located at 9255 S. Broadway in Highlands Ranch…   9News NBC

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