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William M. Titus

William M. Titus is a former vice president of loss prevention for Sears Holdings Corporation. Prior to his appointment to VP of LP at Sears, Roebuck and Co. in April 2003, Titus was senior VP of LP and risk management at OfficeMax. He also held LP and operations management positions with T.J. Maxx and Montgomery Ward. Titus was also a chair of the Loss Prevention Research Council and past chairman of the National Retail Federation loss prevention advisory committee. He holds a management and accounting degree from the University of Southern California.

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Challenging Assumptions—Putting LP under the Microscope

Loss Prevention

Challenging Assumptions—Putting LP under the Microscope

Doctors do it, so do engineers, and police officers…even farmers. More and more professions are using rigorous data to create, refine, and measure what they do. So, too, is loss prevention. The demand to really “get it right” means moving from primarily anecdotal to fact-based decision making. As loss prevention professionals, we need to get