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Tammy Clark, CFE, CFI, is manager of online and simulated training at Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates. She is a Certified Forensic Interviewer and Certified Fraud Examiner with a proven track record in the conduct and management of confidential investigations in private and public sectors. She has familiarity with compliance, employee relation, asset protection, internal, and external investigations. Clark excels at improving existing procedures and streamlining operations. Her unique skill set combines an extensive knowledge of investigative techniques, supervision, and human resource management with strong organizational and interpersonal skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

W-Z Video: The Importance of Instructions to Witnesses

Most instructions to witnesses in an interview may seem pretty straight forward, simple to understand, and easy to comply with. But it never hurts to take the time to explain why these instructions are so important and why their conduct during the conversation can have such a big impact on the ultimate outcome of the conversation.

W-Z Video: The Impact of Word Choice in an Interview

Being aware and cognizant of the words we use, and how they can impact the person across from us is vitally important during the course of an investigative interview because we never want to send the wrong message, but we also don't want to make it a much more difficult conversation than it needs to be.

WZ Video: Focus on the Person, Not the Act, by Showing Understanding

Today we're going discuss the importance of focusing on the person sitting across from us, not the actual situation or act that brought them to the interview room. WZ's method focuses on establishing credibility while also showing understanding, but it's showing understanding that a lot of people can have difficulty with.

W-Z Video: 18 Steps as Muscle Memory

Not every time we sit down to talk to someone are we necessarily going to use the W-Z method. But when we do, we should be prepared to talk through every step of the W-Z method, which means all 18.
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