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Johnny Custer, LPC, CFI

Johnny Custer, LPC, CFI, is director of analytics for asset and profit protection at Sears Holdings. He is a career loss prevention leader with more than twenty years of experience at field, analytical, and corporate levels. Custer is recognized as a specialist with a “holistic” approach to loss prevention and profit management. For over a decade, he has placed a high premium on proactive data-driven LP philosophy, developing and working with algorithms that touch all areas of the retail business enterprise. Prior to joining Sears, Custer served as a consultant to several C-suite executive teams and worked for several retailers including CVS/Caremark, Kmart/Super-K, and Value City Department Stores. He can be reached at 847-286-5435 or at johnny (dot) custer (at) searshc (dot) com.

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Data Analytics Pyramid

Loss Prevention

Data Analytics Pyramid

As loss prevention and asset protection practitioners, we are often asked to describe our jobs to others. In the old days, we could get away with simply stating, “I catch people who are stealing from my company.” And while this was—at one time—an accurate representation of our duties (and probably