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Glenn Master

Glenn Master is a recognized industry expert with over twenty years of experience in loss prevention and security management. He has worked both domestically and internationally specializing in supply chain, transportation, and logistics. Master has held both executive and management positions with companies such as Newgistics, Office Depot, Henry Schein and Motorola. Master is the co-founder and current board director of the International Supply Chain Protection Organization. He is also employed at Texas Christian University as an adjunct professor, teaching undergraduate courses in criminal justice, security and loss prevention management. He has facilitated numerous training sessions for both law enforcement and the private sector regarding transportation security and has published numerous articles on those related topics. His educational background includes a master's degree in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati and a bachelor’s in criminal justice from the University of Texas-Arlington. He can be reached at gmaster [at] pb.com.

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Supply Chain Security

The End-to-End Logistics Provider

If you’re like me, you’ve probably placed an order online in the last ninety days. Like most online experiences, it was likely seamless. You type a product in the search field, pull up comparable items, make a command decision, and place the order. When the experience concludes, you will have

Supply Chain Security

The Fallout of Holiday Peak

As we all are well aware, the holiday shopping season seems to be starting earlier with each passing year. It was October 21 when I saw the first commercial advertising for the 2017 holiday season. To my surprise, however, I didn’t see many stories this year about people camping out