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Christopher P. Norris, CFI, and Alan Grocott, CFI

Norris is an executive in the investigative and training firm of Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (w-z.com) and director of WZ Europe and international training. Grocott is a WZ EU instructor. They can be reached at cnorris (at) w-z (dot) com and alan (dot) grocott (at) wz-europe (dot) com
retail employee theft

How to Expand Admissions in Employee Theft Cases

It is rare for an associate to be caught the first time they engage in dishonest behavior. When a person is caught the very first time they steal, it is likely they have been involved in a pattern of theft activity elsewhere.
taking notes during an interview

Taking Notes during an Interview or Interrogation

When listening to an educator, the student attempts to determine which are the most important points in the lecture to help decide what will be on the upcoming test. Similarly, when taking notes during an interview, we are looking for clues to help identify whether the person is truthful.
what is rapport

What Is Rapport, and Why Is It Helpful in Interviews?

Everyone has known an Eric. He was the person who could join a crowd and seem to know everyone moments later. Walk with him into a crowded pub, and in minutes, he would be laughing and moving from person to person as if he had been a regular there for years.
history of interrogation, employee dishonesty

Meeting Employee Dishonesty with Compassion in an Interview

Compassion can be an important component to assist people when they decide to tell the truth. How might you, as an interviewer, apply compassion to your conversations about employee dishonesty?
loss prevention investigator, signs of deception and lying

Signs of Deception and Lying in an Interview

Many people believe when an individual refuses to make eye contact there is a strong indication the person is being deceptive. People also believe...
voluntary statement

Preparing the Final Voluntary Statement

When we first started to provide interview training to Europe in 2009, we were surprised to find that the process of obtaining a voluntary...
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