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Have you ever found yourself responding to a threat or risk only after it has occurred? At that moment, unexpected vulnerabilities have been exposed and the loss already realized. After a threat to life safety or breach of security, there is often a tendency to urgently respond, which can lead to uninformed decisions and potentially wasteful expense.

By simply taking the time to properly prepare and implement a comprehensive protective strategy, the injuries, damage, stress and expense could have been avoided. A proactive, thoughtful approach incorporating the right systems to protect your employees, assets and customers would have made all the difference.

A well-planned protective strategy starts with an experienced team who will pinpoint key areas of risk. This assessment is critical to bring forward practical, cost-effective solutions to safeguard against those risks. These solutions will not only prevent an unexpected moment of injury or loss but offer lasting levels of performance and protection when put to the test.

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A protective strategy is most thoughtfully achieved when selecting a qualified and proven business partner to guide and support you through the design, implementation and maintenance of your systems. Choosing the right business partner will make all the difference when guarding against unexpected injury or loss.

Since 1873, AFA has served its customers by offering a tailored approach to designing systems that meet all their fire alarm and security system needs. The approach starts with gaining a thorough understanding of each customer’s unique risks and challenges. Through this risk analysis we can provide practical and cost-effective code compliant solutions.

Partnership-based Approach—AFA’s heritage as the nation’s oldest Central Station fire alarm company is a great source of pride for us. What is most important are the long-term relationships we have built with clients over 148 years. These long-term relationships have been fostered upon trust over time: trust in our expertise, service and response.

Exceptional Service and Responsiveness—Fire and security systems are only as reliable as the competency and support behind them. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and responsiveness as they produce a better customer service experience. Exceptional service underscored by prompt and forthright communication makes all the difference.

Leading Edge Technology and Code Compliant Solutions—Fire and security systems can be complex and involve a broad range of technologies. Additionally, compliance with the codes and standards of each jurisdiction can be challenging. Customized solutions from AFA incorporate leading edge technologies to comply with local jurisdictions while maximizing value and delivering effective levels of performance.

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected? Choosing the right partner will make all the difference. Contact us at or call 866-232-6285.

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