Are You Getting the Most from Your GPS Loss Prevention Program?

Local, Regional, Global—Intelligence Enhances Asset Protection

Jeff Clark, Founder & CEO of 7PSolutions, LLC

As we are into peak season, retailers, e-commerce, and transportation companies are working overtime to ensure that retailers’ shelves are stocked and packages are delivered to our front doors without delay.

Also busy are porch pirates who are watching for packages to be delivered and quickly removing them for their own personal gain. It is estimated that one in twelve Americans will be affected by thieves helping themselves to packages left on their front porch. With the help of covert 7PSolutions GPS devices with a real-time GPS tracking platform—RouteWatch—postal inspectors and local police departments are making arrests almost daily, fighting against porch piracy across the US and Canada.

At the same time, distribution centers began to have an overflow of loaded trailers, and the use of staging areas sometimes becomes inevitable. Ocean containers fill the ports and railheads while air shipments wait at terminals as cargo space tightens. These scenarios play out year after year and go beyond the normal day-to-day operations of loss prevention professionals. It is during these times that having the proper GPS program throughout the year will help ease the pains that can accompany this fabulous time of year—peak season.

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What’s in Your Toolbox?
In addition to the traditional covert GPS tracking devices used to monitor shipments moving from vendors to distribution centers and distribution centers to stores, loss prevention teams must also understand technologies and methods to fight organized retail crime, internal loss, as well as the growing challenges of e-commerce, cyber security, and global supply chains. The individual challenges that each of these brings to the LP world require that we first understand the different technologies that are available to us and then properly vet those providers offering GPS services.

Since 2010, 7PSolutions has been at the forefront of innovation by introducing a single platform for the management of real-time GPS technologies all centered on loss prevention and supply chain.

We designed and manufactured the first disposable GPS device and integrated EDI transaction sets into our RouteWatch platform—all tools to improve visibility and intelligence to loss prevention teams.

During the recent MWC19 Los Angeles innovation conference, I learned that the majority of GPS service providers utilize less than 30 percent of GPS devices’ capabilities. This is important information to understand when reviewing possible providers to your GPS LP program. The 70 percent that is not utilized affects the performance, accuracy, and behavior of a GPS device.

7PSolutions’ team of over thirty technical team members and software developers have the expertise and experience to ensure that any GPS device operating on our RouteWatch platform is fully utilized. Our success is based on our ability to provide our customers with the proper devices for the task at hand, and in many cases this involves different devices to ensure goals are achieved.

What are your pain points? Where are your areas of shrinkage? What are your supply chain blind spots? Whether your program is local, regional, or global, when you have the proper tools in your toolbox, the answers to these questions are easily solved.

7PSolutions is taking care of customers today while continuing to develop for the future.


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