Are ORCAs Enough to Fight Organized Retail Crime? | Ep. 39

As Organized Retail Crime Associations (ORCAs) continue to grow across the country, communication between retailers and law enforcement continues to improve. But, are retail teams fully leveraging these regional resources to their full potential to fight crime and anti-social behavior? Are these ORCAs enough to bridge the gap? This podcast discusses effective strategies for enhancing partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement and the positive impact they are having on overall crime reduction. This podcast is the audio from a webinar sponsored by the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

The panelists include:

- Sponsors -

Tony Sheppard, director of ORC, Ulta Beauty
Mike Bowers, CFI, vice president of LP, Northgate Markets
Jose Egurbide, city attorney, Los Angeles
Joe Hopkins, detective, LAPD
Karl Langhorst, CFI, senior advisor, ALTO

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