An Exercise in Crisis Response | Ep. 61

Retailers are regularly exposed to a multitude of crisis situations, both internal and external, that can have a significant and lasting impact on the image and the assets of the business. Crisis tabletop exercises are designed to test the capabilities and readiness of an organization in the event of a crisis, helping to improve strategies, planning, and decision making during these difficult and demanding situations. They are also used to help clarify roles and responsibilities while identifying additional preparedness needs.

In the LPM podcast, hear our panel of experts take part in an interactive crisis tabletop discussion reviewing a series of emergency scenarios including:

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  • A hurricane or severe weather event,
  • Civil unrest,
  • Active threat, and
  • A “wild card” event forcing our panel to think on their feet.

The panelists discuss the elements and factors that need to be considered in advance and in real-time as events are happening, partners within your organization, response considerations, and policy considerations for crisis events. Our subject-matter experts will then provide feedback on the retailers’ responses.

To watch the webinar version of this podcast, click here.


Crisis response panelists

Tony Casper has been in law enforcement for more than 19 years. He is an instructor in counter-terrorism tactics and active shooter response for both law enforcement officials and private citizens. Casper is a subject-matter expert in active shooter events counter-terrorism tactics, and a master instructor at Safe Passage Consulting. He has also worked in the fields of corrections, uniform patrol, criminal, and Homeland Security investigations.

Dustin Randall is a combat veteran of both the United States Army and Marine Corps. He served in the USMC for 4 years and the Army National guard for 9 years as a sniper. He served deployments to both Iraq and Yemen. Randall has worked in corrections, patrol, and SWAT for the last 13 years and has several certifications through SWAT training. After 20 years in public service, he retired from the sheriff’s office to join Safe Passage Consulting full time.

Jeff Partin is the director of corporate security, emergency preparedness, and business continuity for The Home Depot. He is responsible for the coordination, facilitation, and oversight of the company-level response to all emergency events that affect HD locations or associates. Partin oversees the Global Security Operations Center and, when activated, the company’s Emergency Operations Center to appropriately address any emergency event and ensure appropriate corporate response in coordination with elements of both private and public sector entities.

Scott Sanford is director of loss prevention at goPuff.

Tyler Hough is the senior director of business resiliency at Walgreens, overseeing the 24/7 Security Operations Center, business continuity, crisis management, and emergency response. Joining Walgreens in 1988, Hough has held various field leadership roles across the business over the course of his career. During that time, he has been involved in many diverse crisis support and recovery efforts and is currently responsible for the coordination and oversight of all Walgreens crisis management and emergency response programs.


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