Innovative Solutions for Safer Retail Spaces

A Different Approach to Retail Safety and Asset Protection

The increase in retail crime, including shoplifting, vandalism, and unsafe conditions due to aggressive misconduct, has become a major concern for retailers. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), eight out of ten retailers report that the violence and aggression associated with ORC incidents increased in the past year. These incidents not only impact a store’s bottom line but also create an unsafe environment for both customers and associates. As a result, there is a growing need for innovative solutions to create safer stores that can deter criminal activity and protect both people and profits.


Addressing the root causes of retail crime requires a multifaceted approach that goes beyond just adding security measures. It involves identifying incidents by capturing in-store data, analyzing them to determine the source of crime, establishing relationships with local law enforcement and other community partners, such as community support services and organizers, and creating short action plans. By taking a collaborative approach and addressing the underlying issues that contribute to retail crime, retailers can create safer and more inclusive environments for both their customers and associates.

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ALTO is a tech-enabled, people-first, and community-focused company that helps reduce crime, risks, and other business disruptions to the retail environment, making employees and members of the community feel safer working and shopping in their local stores. ALTO’s key performance indicators include its ability to reduce retail crime and minimize business disruptions, establish strong relationships with law enforcement and other community partners, and provide clients with the tools and resources they need to keep their stores safe.

ALTO offers an innovative solution to help retailers create a safer store that includes the following:

  • Incident Reporting Technology: ALTO’s incident reporting technology allows retailers to easily capture incidents in real-time without leaving the sales floor.
  • Community Support Services: ALTO partners with community support services to help retailers identify and address the root causes of retail crime, including the unhoused population, addiction, and mental health issues.
  • Law Enforcement Partnerships: ALTO works closely with local law enforcement agencies to develop effective strategies for preventing and responding to retail crime. By building strong relationships with law enforcement, ALTO helps retailers reduce crime and improve safety in their stores.
  • In-the-field Local Expertise: ALTO’s Customer Success Specialists provide support in stores by listening to concerns, building trust and relationships, and providing client-approved resources, training, and incident reporting technology to store employees and managers.
  • In-house Staff Attorneys: ALTO has local in-house legal teams that advocate for retailers, sharing information, and fueling accountability between stores; easing the burden of court appearances on in-store staff, and ensuring retailers’ voices are heard throughout the legal process.

As safety is a growing concern for retailers, and the need for innovative solutions to create safer stores has never been greater, ALTO helps retailers create safer and more inclusive environments for both their customers and associates by taking a collaborative approach and addressing the root causes of retail crime. If you want to learn more about how ALTO can help increase safety in your store, visit

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