ALTO Announces Expansion into Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, and San Francisco Metro Areas

ALTO, an international firm offering an innovative approach to addressing retail shrink, has announced a significant expansion of its offerings into several new market areas across the United States.

“We spent some time adapting our international value proposition within the US market, and we are pleased with the tremendous success our clients have experienced in southern California partnering with ALTO. For that reason, our clients have specifically requested that we further expand our resources to serve the Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, and northern California market to include San Francisco,” says Cristián López, CEO of ALTO US. “Our clients have experienced exceptional returns working with ALTO, and we are very excited to answer their request by expanding our services into these market areas.”

“The ALTO Alliance model allows everyone to act in an informed, coordinated, and effective manner, thus facilitating improved business results. We are confident that this success will only continue to grow in these new markets.”

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ALTO Alliance is a tech-enabled service that gathers and analyses multiple clients and collectively helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and retailers. Alto’s approach includes a specialized team of attorneys and customer success specialists that work together with the police, prosecutors, and retailers to deter and help prosecute criminals while delivering a high return investment

ALTO currently supports over 300 leading retailers across more than 25,000 locations in Latin America, Europe, and the United States. Current retail formats include grocery, pharmacies, and general retail operations.

“The ALTO process has proven to be a winning model,” says López. “With our history of success and satisfied clients across the globe, we anticipate great things and continued growth for 2020 and beyond. We look forward to continued progress and additional announcements in the weeks and months to come.”

To learn more about the ALTO offerings, please visit the ALTO Home Page

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