Alleged Shoplifter Nabbed After Leaving Cellphone Behind

Sandwich police arrested a women who they said stole more than $300 worth of clothing from a shop in Sandwich, but in the process left her cellphone behind.

An employee at Sundance Clothing in Merchants Square called police on October 29 at 1:30 PM to report the theft.

The employee said she had been reviewing security footage that she said shows the woman taking a pair of jeans and two sweaters and walking out of the store. The clothing was valued at $330, police said. The clerk said the left behind her phone when she departed the store.

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When the woman called the shop to inquire about her phone, the clerk said she could stop by and pick it up, police said. When she arrived to get her phone, police were waiting.
She was identified as Sydney M. Speight, 25, of Centerville. Police arrested Ms. Speight and charged her with shoplifting… The Sandwich Enterprise

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