All Chinese Apple Stores are Now Open but with Limited Hours

After weeks of Chinese Apple Store closures and limited trading hours, all 42 stores are now open again.

As spotted by setteBIT on Twitter, all of the stores are back up and running although 41 of them are operating with reduced hours. That number will fall to 39 as of March 19, although it isn’t known yet when the rest of China’s Apple Stores will be back to normal opening hours.

China has been at the center of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and Apple took the precaution of closing all of its stores in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus. It’s a move that has now also happened in Italy, and it’s likely to happen elsewhere if things don’t dramatically improve soon. The re-opening of Chinese Apple Stores is an indication that things are on the right track in the region, although we’re still a long way from normality…

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