Agilence Announces New Case Management Application

Agilence, a loss prevention analytics provider for retailers, grocers, and restaurants, announced its new case management application designed to streamline, simplify, and speed up incident investigations and accident inquiries.

“Theft and fraud continue to be significant challenges. Everything from employee theft to organized retail crime (ORC) can materially decrease profits,” said Agilence CEO Russ Hawkins. “Agilence has long provided analytics to help companies identify, reduce, and prevent loss. Now, we can help loss prevention and operation teams to conduct investigations, identify and link suspicious behaviors, collect all necessary case data, share information with law enforcement, and ultimately close cases faster to improve the bottom line.”

Key benefits include:

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  • Fast and simple case creation. Create cases in minutes to quickly capture key information. Cases and case types can be modified at any time.
  • Configuration flexibility. Design case types, details, intake information, values, and workflows to easily configure and organize any investigation type.
  • Centralize data. Attach and keep all evidence in a single place, including video, photos, transactions, interviews, and reports and analysis.
  • Analyze case data. Visualize data in reports and dashboards with the option of drilling into details. Compare data by hours, days, weeks, or months and identify developing trends. Link cases together to quickly identify related patterns and behaviors.
  • Historical audit trail. Maintain all case details and modifications for a comprehensive historical record.
  • Work collaboratively. Assign tasks to team members for easier collaboration and faster case resolution.
  • Insightful perspectives. See case data from multiple views, including lists, calendar, timelines, and KanBan boards, giving investigators alternate perspectives to speed up investigations. Views can be configured to personalize the most important information. 
  • Agilence integration. Automatically populate relevant case data from your Agilence Analytics platform to ease case creation and ensure consistency.
  • Law enforcement engagement. Package all case evidence and share with law enforcement, so all details are appropriately captured and communicated.

“Working with customers and our own case management tools, there was a clear need to make investigations easy to create, simple to configure, and customizable for each business,” said Brian Brinkmann, chief product and marketing officer. “We want to offer choice to help our customers succeed. At the same time, Agilence will continue to work with our case management partners to meet customers’ needs.”

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