Advancing Retail Safety with Reveal Body Cameras

In recent years, the retail industry has faced a significant upsurge in crime and antisocial behavior, presenting challenges that extend far beyond financial losses. While the National Retail Federation’s 2023 Retail Security Survey reported the average shrink rate in the fiscal year 2022 rose to 1.6 percent, translating to a staggering $112.1 billion in losses, there was also the not-so-small matter of 88 percent of retailers reporting that shoplifters have become more aggressive and violent and the negative impact that this is having on employees on the shopfloor.

In the bustling world of retail, where change is the only constant, ensuring safety and security is a collective endeavour in which technology has an ever more important role to play. Reveal is at the forefront of addressing these challenges with cutting-edge body camera solutions, designed to deter crime and provide a reassuring presence on the retail floor. Our unique body cameras, characterized by their front-facing screens, have proven to be an effective tool in de-escalating potential conflicts, thereby enhancing the overall safety of retail spaces. In conjunction with our advanced digital evidence management software, DEMS 360, Reveal offers a comprehensive security solution that not only deters incidents, but also aids in documenting evidence for the successful prosecution of retail crimes.

As Reveal has expanded globally, we’ve observed firsthand how retail security challenges resonate across borders, from the bustling streets of the UK to the expansive malls of the US. This global insight has refined our solutions, ensuring they’re robust, adaptable, and effective, no matter the setting. Central to our success is our unwavering commitment to collaboration. By actively listening to our customers, diving deep into their unique challenges, and crafting tailored solutions, we’ve established durable partnerships throughout the retail industry.

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Proof of concept trials are a cornerstone of our methodology, offering retailers a firsthand experience of our technology’s impact. Guiding partners through each step—from legal considerations to IT integration and staff training—we provide comprehensive support to ensure a seamless adoption process. The efficacy of our solutions is reflected in some compelling statistics from recent US trials, where our technology contributed to a 65 percent reduction in incident rates and even resulted in the prevention of safety-related incidents. Globally, we commonly see incident reduction rates of 40-70 percent, with further benefits also reported of improved employee well-being, reduced manned guarding spend, reduced shrink, and a higher rate of incident prosecution.

Looking ahead, our passion for innovation burns as brightly as ever. We’re continually exploring new ways to enhance the safety and operational efficiency of retail environments, supporting the diverse array of professionals who make the retail world turn.

Reveal is more than a technology provider; we are your partner in creating a safer retail experience. For a conversation about how Reveal can transform your retail security strategy and to arrange a tailored solution that suits your unique needs, contact us at or call (888) 269-9924.

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