Admitted Credit Card Fraudster at it Again

A Bergen County man on probation for credit card fraud was caught doing it again, according to new charges. William Newhart, 42, of Bergenfield, was at the TD Bank in Absecon trying to obtain an ATM car using fictitious identification, police said.

Newhart and alleged accomplice Jesse Rawding were found with instruments used to commit identity theft, according to the report. Officers also found a substantial amount of drugs, according to the charges.

Newhart is currently a year into a three-year probation sentence for getting a credit card in another man’s name and then buying $12,000 worth of Borgata gift cards, which he distributed to four others.

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All five were arrested in 2019. Newhart pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation February 7, 2020, court records show. Newhart also has a credit card theft conviction from 2001, for which he also received probation.

Newhart and Rawding, 28, of Wilmington, are now charged with failure to make law disposition and conspiracy, along with possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, mushrooms, GHB and drug paraphernalia, and distribution. Rawding is additionally charged with two counts of possession of prescription legend drugs.

Newhart is also charged with credit card theft, possession of a scanning device, identity theft, possession of false government documents, possession of document-making material, uttering and receiving stolen property.

Both men are in the Atlantic County Justice Facility. Detectives are working to notify potential identity theft victims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Absecon police at 609.641.0667…   Breaking AC

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