A Unique, Hand-Held Facial Recognition Solution for Managing Retail Repeat Offenders

FaceScopeTM is a 21st century incident record database and case management solution that’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep-learning facial recognition. The technology is patent-pending for mobile devices with audio recorded, no-trespass/Miranda statement. This unique solution provides real-time results and exceptional outcomes for retailers or security providers serving retail clients.

  • Capture the face of trespassers and violators on retail properties.
  • Real-time analytics and matching at the rate of 1.1-million images per second.
  • Built with AI and deep-learning technology.
  • Fully integrated no-trespass script and audio recording feature.
  • Automatically embed recordings into mugshots, making proof-of-action and future access a snap.
  • Built-in search feature.
  • Integrate with compatible existing eye-in-the-sky camera systems.
  • Integrate any third-party or existing database of mugshots.
  • Complete incident log of every subject’s history, making escalated legal actions much easier.
  • Data is stored on enterprise database servers with military-level encryption.
  • Get fast and accurate results from loss prevention associates or field agents serving retailers.
  • For guarding or other retail service providers, fuel sales and revenue by providing next-generation security solutions.

Click here for more information about FaceScope for loss prevention from BlueWave Technologies.

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