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Interview with Byron Smith, CFI, LPC

Smith is a veteran asset protection professional with over twenty-nine years working for various retailers, including Eckerd Drugs, Office Depot, Circuit City, and now 7-Eleven, in regional and corporate loss prevention, distribution and logistics, risk management and business continuity, safety, and corporate security. He is a board member for the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), serves on the steering committee for the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Asset Protection Conference, and is the current chairman of the International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO). He holds a bachelor’s in political science from Sam Houston State University.

Why did you decide to pursue your LPC certification?
An industry peer who was involved in the program development shared the certification program with me, and after completing my own research, it was an easy decision on my next step.

Was the coursework what you expected?
It was very detailed and easy to follow. Progressing through the sections felt natural and satisfying when completing the section test questions. I liked the structure of the six subject-matter sections and the overall flow. The level of detail in each section was both helpful and educational.

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The coursework did take dedicated time, and my employer at the time felt strongly about continuing education. I was able to place time on my calendar and work on the weekends to accomplish the coursework. The exam was easy to schedule, and I took the allotted time to complete the exam.

Looking at your own personal background and knowledge, what information in the course helped you the most?
The areas of crisis management and supply chain security were the two areas that intrigued me the most and helped me expand my overall knowledge and understanding.

What benefits have you seen from taking the course?
The LPC designation has been a true benefit for me personally and professionally. The recognition by others as an industry standard continues to elevate the profession. Being an LPC has given me the opportunity to encourage others either already in the industry or those considering the field of loss prevention to become certified.

If you could offer one key takeaway to someone currently considering getting certified, what would it be?
Invest the time in the program. If you are new to the industry, the LPQ will broaden your views and understanding of the profession. The progression to the LPC will be natural as you take on more responsibility and consider advancing your career.

This certification program is a leader in educating those in the industry and for those considering the field of loss prevention and asset protection. There are other programs, but nothing compares to the Loss Prevention Foundation’s (LPF) certificate program as it elevates the industry and profession globally.

How has certification changed your expectations of loss prevention career?
In the last thirty years, the industry has changed dramatically. The Loss Prevention Foundation with its thirteen-year history has been a source for retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals to enhance their marketable skills. I am particularly encouraged by the way the LPF has focused on and attracted former military and new college graduates into the LPQ/LPC programs.

Would you recommend certification to others?
Yes, I have recommended the program to many industry members, and at my current organization, I manage our continuing education program for the asset protection department. We have had several dozen team members that have completed the LPQ and LPC course work.

Newly Certified

Following are individuals who recently earned their certifications.

Recent LPC Recipients
Holly Andrews, LPC, The Kroger Co.
Juli Bain, LPC, Lowe’s
Randel Baker, LPC, Amazon
Jose Barradas, LPC, Ralph Lauren
Jason Beck, LPC, CVS Health
Dwight Bennett, Jr, LPC, CVS Health
Nichole Blouch, LPC, Amazon
Anthony Brunetto, LPC, Whole Foods Market
Michael Canu, LPC, Whole Foods Market
Michael Chirco, LPC, Home Depot
Ronald Curry, Jr, LPC, Stage Stores
Jeffrey Dauer, LPC, Amazon
Calvin Delp, III, LPC, Amazon
Matthew Denn, LPC, Amazon
Carl Dykes, LPC, Victory Marketing
Kelly Eby, LPC, CVS Health
Theodore Fancher, LPC, Lowe’s
Matthew Finley, LPC, CVS Health
Rodney Grove, II, LPC, Amazon
David Halliwell, LPC, CVS Heath
Marc Hamilton, LPC, Shop Rite Supermarkets
Tonya Heidorn, LPC, Meijer
Peter Ianneillo, LPC, TJX
Michael Iommi, LPC, CVS Health
John Janik, LPC, CVS Health
Jerilyn Jardin Riendeau, LPC, CVS Health
Steven Jensen, LPC, Weis Markets
Adam Jones, LPC, John Lewis
Sean Kecskes, LPC, Belle Tire
James Kerry, LPC, John Lewis
Charles Kingatua, LPC, CVS Health
Alexander Kohler, LPC, Home Depot
Katherine Kolean, LPC, Meijer
Karl Langhorst, LPC, CPP, CFI, ALTO
Nathan LeGrand, LPC, Office Depot
Tony Leon, LPC, CVS Health
Richard Leyser, LPC, CVS Health
Kyle Machiniak, LPC, MAPM, Home Depot
Joseph Maddalena, LPC, CVS Health
Scott Majchszak, LPC, Meijer
Jason Major, LPC, Lowe’s
Terrence Mullen, LPC, CVS Health
Michael Nowalski, LPC, Amazon
Kyle Penoyer, LPC, Home Depot
Shannon Prior, LPC, CVS Health
Tyler Reitz, LPC, Transformco, formerly Sears Holdings
Ian Roarke, LPC, Amazon
Cynthia Salter, LPC, CVS Health
Stephen Shepard, LPC, The Kroger Co.
Logan Spidell, LPC, Amazon
Laura Swinburne, LPC, John Lewis
Lea Marie Tamarack, LPC, CFE, CFI, Big Lots
Jeanie Weaver, LPC, CVS Health
Heidi White, LPC, Amazon
Raffee Wright, LPC, Home Depot
Andrew Zumbrum, LPC, CVS Health

Recent LPQ Recipients
Boluwaji Adedayomi, LPQ, Lowe’s
Carlos Jr Arellano, Jr, LPQ, Marshalls
Simon Boyce, LPQ, TJX
Jerry Brefol, LPQ, Luxottica Retail
Hailey Burris, LPQ, HomeGoods
Jeffrey Darling, LPQ, Lucky’s Market
Kenneth DeHart, LPQ, TJX
Calvin Douglas, LPQ, TJX
Leann Jensen, LPQ, lululemon athletica
Michael Leonard, LPQ, TJX
Heather McCoy, LPQ, TJX
Rocio Muniz Castillo, LPQ, TJX
Keyana Radcliff, LPQ, TJX
Brian Scott, LPQ, Neiman Marcus
Duncan Smart, LPQ, The Beer Store
Stephen Starkey, LPQ, Neiman Marcus
Steven Suarez, LPQ, Transformco, formerly Sears Holdings
Fernando Vasallo, LPQ, TJX
Zackary Wimer, LPQ, Goodwill Industries
of SW Oklahoma and North Texas
Matthew Workman, LPQ, Home Depot

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