3SI’s Slap-n-Track (SNT) Tracker to Be Featured at RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference 2017

With the demand for GPS tracking to protect property growing swiftly, users are challenged to find reliable trackers that can meet the demands of long-term deployment or the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The newly released “Slap-n-Track” SNT Tracker from 3SI Security Systems uses the company’s NextGen3 technology with extended battery capability and housed in a durable case, designed as a solution for customers needing a robust tracker for long-term operations.

3SI NextGen3 tracking devices, already 80,000 strong worldwide, leverage multiple security and tracking technologies (GPS, cellular, and RF) to ensure pinpoint accuracy in tracking. Other important features include:

  • Adaptability to many applications: available in standard or slim configuration, and with or without magnets;
  • Configurable geo-fences to limit or define activation area;
  • Reliable performance even in urban canyon areas (like cities or areas with many structures or other obstructions), where tracking is challenging for other tracking devices;
  • Self-installed and self-managed: flexible settings accommodate different use cases.

Mary Pifer, 3SI’s VP of global marketing and product management, said: “We’re seeing customers in all types of organizations, from big-box to convenience to discount retailers, who need to track cargo, valuable construction equipment, and more. Our SNT is perfect for these applications and we’re pleased to offer it to our clients.”

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Richard Long, 3SI’s senior VP and director of global law enforcement, said, “Every day in America, more than 6,600 police agencies are partnered with 3SI protecting banks and retail operations by making robbery arrests with our GPS-based trackers. 3SI has developed a new powerful SNT tracking device for vehicles or other clandestine applications. It is simply the best tactical tracker on the market.”

Check out the SNT Tracker in Booth 404 at RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference from April 9–12 in New Orleans. While you’re there, drop your business card to be entered to win a fabulous YETI Cooler.

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