3SI Security Systems Announces Release of New ORC-Focused Security Solution

Solution developed in collaboration with key retailers interested in taking a stand against organized retail crime

3SI Security Systems is pleased to announce the release of ORC Tracker™, an innovative GPS Tracking Device designed to help retailers defend against organized retail crime. Developed with 3SI’s patented 4XG platform, the device is designed to covertly protect high-value goods.

ORC Tracker provides a unique method of protection using various sensing technologies. The solution extends protection beyond the store in robbery and burglary situations and can be used in conjunction with existing deterrent tags. ORC Tracker provides retailers with an additional layer of security that is especially effective against the growing threat of ORC.

Features include:

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  • Proprietary Safezone to keep the device off until the crime occurs
  • Precise location technologies via our 4XG platform with GNSS, RF, LTE and WiFi
  • WiFi sniffing

“Today’s asset protection professionals are questioning traditional means of security. They are interested in new technologies that will change the industry and slow the growth of organized retail gangs nationwide. ORC Tracker automatically notifies law enforcement to handle apprehensions. Not only can the device aid in the recovery of stolen assets, but it can help to identify larger operations and help to prevent future attacks. We believe ORC Tracker will provide retailers with an additional layer of security that will be especially beneficial in thwarting retail crime” said Daniel R. Reynolds, Vice President Retail Sales, 3SI.

“We are thrilled about the release of ORC Tracker” said Todd Leggett, CEO of 3SI. The addition of this ORC-focused solution to our robust retail product offering will add a critical element in the fight against organized retail crime.”

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