2011 NRSS Overview


We are now in the process of completing the 2011 National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) Final Report for publication on the web. I presented some of these preliminary results at the National Retail Federation LP conference in New Orleans in June as the data collection was not yet complete. Since then a few more questionnaires have been submitted. As a result, I now have final statistics to share with LP practitioners.

One hundred and one retail chains responded to this year’s online survey with either full or partial information. The average retail shrinkage percentage for this year was 1.42 percent. This shrinkage percentage is the lowest number ever observed in the twenty-year history of the NRSS.

Based on retail sales in the year 2011, this means that shrinkage losses cost a total of $34.78 billion. Shrinkage percentages continue to decline, but since total retail sales have increased, the dollar loss does not decrease correspondingly. In other words, even as we get better at controlling retail loss, the dollar impact remains substantial.

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To the right are listed the above- and below-average 2011 NRSS shrinkage rates for the major market sectors studied.

All of these statistics will soon be included in the 2011 National Retail Security Survey Final Report. When the twentieth Final Report is completed, it will be published online and made available to all retail LP professionals. The availability of the Final Report will be announced in the magazine’s weekly newsletter and social media channels.


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