2005 Technology Preview


EDITOR’S NOTE: As loss prevention departments plan for 2005, many of you may wonder what new technologies or products will be available in the coming year. To help you with your planning, Loss Prevention has put together this special section where solutions providers provide a glimpse of what’s to come.

This section is compiled from vendor submissions. The magazine cannot verify the accuracy of the information contained herein, nor should the reader assume Loss Prevention or its staff endorses any of the products or services described. The opportunity to submit items for this section was made available to all loss prevention suppliers.

Loss Prevention magazine wishes to express our appreciation to those companies that participated in this section and encourage our readers to support these companies as well as the advertisers that make this magazine possible.

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PowerPro System, Simple Alarm, ProTrack Hold Down, and Wireless Voice System from Protex


The PowerPro System provides power and security to cameras and cam corders inan open display through the use of one cable. This system provides complete functionality of your products for unrestricted operation and customer use along with the necessary security. The PowerPro Sensor Head, retractable and satellite work in conjunction with the ProLink Command Module. The stand is adjustable to allow for varied display heights as determined by the user.


The Simple Alarm’s compact design is ideal for use on end-cap displays or in applications where a limited number of items need to be secured. It is versatile enough tobe used in either a hard-goods or soft-goods environment to protect merchandise ranging from personal electronics to clothing, handbags, or luggage. The Simple Alarm functions with most of the existing Protex Sensors and can also be used for showcase protection or as a gate alarm for checkout lanes or gated areas.

The ProTrack Hold Down is a slim and sleek system that is fully adjustable and protects laptops of all sizes. This new design provides a stationary display that allows customers complete access to all of the laptop controls. The sliding track system allows retailers the freedom to easily reposition the merchandise or alter the number of items displayed.

73The Wireless Voice System is a wireless annunciator that uses customized voice messages to identify activity or relay the need for customer assistance within a store area. A push-button transmitter, motion sensor, or magnetic-contact transmitter activates the system. Upon activation, a wireless signal triggers the receiver’s voice prompt to announce which area within the store requires assistance.For more information, call 800-835-3580 or visit www.protex-intl.com.

APIS Expands Its Product Line

The loss prevention industry’s data management solution just keeps getting better as APIS continues to add new features and analysis tools. 2005 will not only see the introduction of even more enhancements for investigative support, but the introduction of three lines of APIS products: APIS.5, APIS800, and APIS enterprise.

APIS.5 is the basic case management tool that will provide a more simple and concise method of managing your loss prevention incidents, investigations, and cases. Enabled with most of the same system features, it provides a comprehensive tool focused on basic data management and work flow.

APIS800 integrates the Telephone Incident Response System (TIRS) with APIS.5 and provides the added convenience of creating incident reports initiated by a telephone call. Callers may dial a toll-free 800 number and report information via an interactive voice-response system, using the touch-tone keypad for response and leaving a detailed voice message. At the end of the call, details may be relayed by phone, by email, and directly into the APIS system to create an on-line incident record and attaching the voice message as a .wav file in the digital evidence section. Within APIS, you may then manage that incident into an investigation or case and assign the record to a particular person for follow up and resolution

APIS enterprise is a complete data management solution, including more advanced modules such as Missing Merchandise Reports, the APIS Training database, Award Management, Recovery and Restitution Management, APIS audit, and more. Additional features include the APIS flash workflow management tool and APIStask for task assignment and follow up. For more information on APIS products, call 631-225-3355 or go to www.apisonline.com.

Safe Inside from Corporate Safe Specialists

Corporate Safe Specialists goes beyond the traditional benefits of self check-out by adding their own unique and dynamic features. With its “safe inside” cash handling ability, the Self Out System,<SOS>, is both customer friendly and cash management secure

By connecting to a wide variety of existing front office and back office solutions,<SOS> can send shift reports to existing database.<SOS> connects to existing POS, CCTV, and Smart Safes Systems making it a tool in cash management both on-site or off.

Its patent-pending “keyless” design authorizes and verifies the removal of the deposits from payment devices without the traditional key. This design allows the kiosk to be a secure and monitored area to store cash. The remote notification of the removals of cash or door openings will help to reduce thein-store cash losses.

For more information from Corporate Safe Specialists, call 800-342-3033 or visit www.corporatesafe.com/accs.

NKL Bulk Validator from FKI Security Group

FKI Security Group, one of the premier security and loss prevention companies in the nation, announced availability of a new validating bill acceptor product associated with the company’s NKL Cash Handling Audit Lok XLV system line. The NKL Bulk Validator brings new, value-added features to a complete cash-handling system for the retail industry.

With this product release, NKL is now the first vendor to offer to retailers this advanced capability. According to Van Carlisle, CEO of FKI SecurityGroup, “This is a true product breakthrough, similar to when automatic-feed photocopy machines replaced tedious single-feed models in office environments.

“Counting and validating bills is a time-consuming task that takes employees away from more important, revenue-generating activities,” said Carlisle, “and by installing the NKL Bulk Validator, retailers will be able to immediately realize improved internal efficiency.”

The NKL Bulk Validator is designed to accept up to 25 bills in the acceptance tray at once. The NKL Bulk Validator also streamlines the auditing and accounting functions in operations that are cash-heavy. With increased accuracy in bank deposits, costly bank adjustments are eliminated.

Customers who have purchased beta versions of the NKL Bulk Validator have reportedly realized cost-labor savings that equal many times the purchase price during the first year of use.

NKL is a brand of the FKI Security Group (formerly Fire King International) based in New Albany, IN. For product information, contact Steve Aronson at 800-457-2424 extension.2424 or visit www.nklcashhandling.com.

IP Series Remote Electronic Safe Lock Management System

Security pioneer Sargent & Green leaf recently unveiled one of its most ambitious efforts to date, the IP Series TM Model 100 remote electronic safe lock management system.

Leveraging a customer’s secure LAN/WAN network, the IP Series provides secure, remote management of S&G electronic safe locks throughout a user’s entire enterprise.The heart of the system is the use of intelligent keypads with built-in web servers.In addition to enabling global management of multiple S&G electronic locks, the IP Series can be integrated with other IP devices, such as cameras, sensors, and other peripherals, enabling fully integrated security management and monitoring

The IP Series offers users three ways to communicate with locks:

  • Locally,
  • Via a secure Internet browser to the company’s network, or
  •  By using Sargent & Greenleaf’s IP Series Lock Management Software.

All three options are secure and customizable. Adding to the system’s versatility is the optional IP Series Exception Reporter Software that enables security managers to define operational parameters for safe access control and receive email alerts if there is a violation. The IP Series Model 100 will be available in late 2004 and will be sold via authorized Sargent & Greenleaf distributors and safeOEM partners worldwide. For more information, visit www.sargentandgreenleaf.com or call 859-885-9411.

Biometric Keypad

Building on the success of its electronic safe locks, Sargent &Greenleaf is preparing for the next leap in the evolution of its products. Next year, the security industry pioneer will become the first company to introduce biometric keypads as an upgrade for its most popular electronic locks. In the past, biometric technology has been limited to high-end applications because of cost. By focusing on fingerprint identification technology and by configuring the keypads to function with their existing electronic locks, Sargent & Greenleaf can make the technology available to a wide range of users.

For companies already using Sargent & Greenleaf electronic locks, the switch to biometrics will involve little more than a keypad change. The first keypads using Sargent & Greenleaf’s biometric technology—the 6120, 6123, and Z02—will be configured to enable access using fingerprint identification only or fingerprint and a PIN code. Fast matching and quick access control are provided by equipping biometric keypads with special algorithms. Other features of the electronic locks remain unchanged, enabling quick and seamless upgrades throughout an enterprise.

Sargent & Greenleaf’s biometric keypads will be introduced early next year. They will be available through authorized Sargent & Greenleaf distributors and safe OEM partners worldwide. For more information, visit www.sargentandgreenleaf.com, or call 859-885-9411.

Automating the Process from Incident to Recovery

LP Software and Civil Recovery Services (CRS) have developed an interface that is guaranteed  to not only increase your civil collections, but also justify your bottom line. LP Software is a leading provider in case management and audit solutions. Civil Recovery Services is a leading provider in civil and employee restitution collection. Using the LPMS case management system, retailers can securely transmit incidents directly to CRS over theInternet. This process makes use of the same encryption strength using your credit card online. The combination of using the LPMS case management software and integrating with CRS has many benefits:

  • Incidents go through a workflow process prior to being submitted.
  • Since the data is validated in your case management system first, only clean, workable incidents are transmitted.
  • CRS receives the incidents almost immediately, which results in higher collections. CRS provides a complete web-based reporting module to review your account status 24 hours a day.
  •  CRS has complete flexibility, enabling clients to choose from a menu of services

For more information, contact LP Software at 708-974-2838 or Civil Recovery Services at 800-243-2220.

Data Source v3.0—It’s Not Just for EAS Anymore

As a leading EAS management solution, Data Source has reportedly long been making EAS processes more efficient and enabling retailers to maintain a higher level of compliance using their existing resources and technologies. Now, the LP department can share both the benefits and the costs of Data Source because the latest version, Data Source v3.0, offers new capabilities that can reportedly improve service vendor management, merchandising, and communications, enterprise-wide. Consider the following new features:

People Counting—DataSource now integrates with people counters, enabling retailers to track and analyze the number of people entering each store by week, day, and hour. By analyzing total traffic against POS data ,retailers can make better decisions about sales and merchandising techniques, store hours, and staffing levels, thereby improving conversion ratios and increasing sales and profitability.

Customizable Data Exchange—Data Source allows retailers to collect and disseminate vital information instantly among all stores. That means organizations can send company-wide alerts or conduct impromptu mini-audits; for example, counting the number of shopping carts in the parking lot or sending security alerts

Service/Vendor Management—DataSource can monitor service and other vendor visits, automating check-in and check-out, providing detailed instructions, and recording the date, time, and duration of each visit. This can help organizations control service costs, track and schedule appointments, and match invoices to work performed.

Security Source—reportedly the first to market with an EAS management tool—now offers a comprehensive front-end control system that aims to increase efficiencies, support better process management, reduce expenses, and increase profitability. For more information, call 888-878-6736 or visit www.securitysource.com.

Datavantage XBR Goes Java

Datavantage XBR is an exception-based reporting application for loss prevention and store analytics.The software development technology at the core of XBR is shifting to a Java architecture. This under-the-covers change is big news for end users and LP professionals.

Access. XBR will become more accessible. A key strength of XBR is its ability to allow you to dig further down an investigative path. Now, any end user anywhere in the field with a browser and access to your network (often through the Internet or a virtual private network) can run any query they need to perform their analysis.

Choice. XBR will become more flexible and easier for your IT department to install and manage. Based on Java, XBR will allow for choice in operating system (Windows or Linux) and database (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Tera data, or many open-source data base platforms). This choice will enable your IT staff to install XBR on the platform they feel most comfortable.

Functionality. XBR will become a platform for future change. Migrating a market-leading application to a new technology platform offers a wealth of possibilities. New programming capabilities make XBR easier to configure by the end user. It also speeds R&D efforts, making XBR more market responsive than ever before. For more information, call 888-328-2826 or visit www.datavantagecorp.com.

The Most Exciting Thing to Happen to Paper Rolls Since…

Eastern Ribbon & Roll has taken loss prevention technology into the new age with an industry-leading technological breakthrough. By applying the same EAS (electronic article surveillance) technology that is in use today to their paper rolls ,they can provide you with a way to make sure that your paper rolls do not leave your store. This technology ensures the retailer that their custom printed rolls or advanced security inks do not end up in the hands of an unscrupulous counterfeiter. Eastern Ribbon & Roll can use current acousto-magnetic (Sensormatic) or electromagnetic / swept-RF (Checkpoint) technology to allow you an extremely mini malinvestment. There is nothing to buy and no extensive additional training required. If a roll is carried out of the store, it will set off the alarm. Problem solved. It’s automatic.

Eastern Ribbon & Roll’s patented SENSOROLL technology is an industry leader for simple, effective anti-theft alternatives. With its retail expertise, Eastern Ribbon can put together an all-inclusive package including advertising programs, custom security inks, and, now, the exclusive SENSOROLL technology. By combining security inks and SENSOROLL technology, retailers can achieve multilayer protection. For more information, visit www.eastern ribbon.com or call 813-676-8600.

Power In-Lock®Cargo Protection System

The Power In-Lock® internal locking system from Mi-Jack Systems and Technology reportedly offers total cargo protection. The Power In-Lock internal locking system mounts to any Roll-Down, Swing-Out, or ISO container doors and can be activated by RF key fob, keypad, slide card, telematic or biometric devices, and cellular modem. Authorized access is quick and easy.

The Power In-Lock internal locking system comes complete with lock setup and audit software. The system can be attached to a laptop computer to download event information, such as lock open, lock close, door open, door closed, event date/time stamp, and temperature, from our exclusive lock management system. It can also be attached to sensors to record light, impact, and temperature. The Power In-Lock internal locking system is designed to seamlessly integrate with telematic systems for lock/unlock functions, tracking, and event recording. The internal locking system can be powered from vehicles and/or a back-up battery. Solar panels can recharge the battery system for extended un tethered operational life. With our slam-lock and auto-lock/relock features, you are assured that your truck, trailer, or container is securely locked.

The Power In-Lock internal locking system is designed to seamlessly integrate with telematic systems for lock/unlock functions, tracking, and event recording. The internal locking system can be powered from vehicles and/or a back-up battery. Solar panels can recharge the battery system for extended, untethered operational life. With our slam-lock and auto-lock/relock features, you are assured that your truck, trailer, or container is securely locked every time the door is closed. For more information, call 800-IN-LOCK 7 (800-465-6257) or visit www.power-in-lock.com.

Digital Awareness for the Information Age

Associate awareness is entering a new era, marked by sophisticated technological advances in enterprise training systems and at the point-of-sale (POS). Retailers now have the infrastructure to extend their training and awareness program from the backroom onto the sales floor computer screen. CreativeOptions has leveraged its experience as both content provider and software developer to bring this vision into reality.

The future of your internal communication initiatives resides in a two-pronged approach that engages associates with a blend of traditional print and multimedia technology. Important and up-to-the-minute messages should be available at any time, at any work station. New media solutions are reportedly accomplishing just that.

CreativeOptions produces custom training components for your POS, corporate intranet, or learning management system. Our creative directors, writers and graphic designers bring your critical messages to life as animated graphics at the POS. The interactive team builds the systems that let associates access online training modules. In the end, you have a communication program that engages the associate throughout the store to change their behavior. For more information, call 800-233-5666 or visit www.creativeop.com.

New Courses and Authoring Tool from Learn it Solutions

2005 will be the sixth year of development of comprehensive and empowering interactive training solutions from Learn it Solutions. In 2005, the company will step up the pace with the release of several new technologies and enhancements to existing technologies.

Loss Prevention Training for Non-LP Associates—Learn it Solutions is pleased to introduce a series of courses specifically designed to teach critical loss prevention concepts and methodologies to the operations and logistics audience. Courses include a basic orientation to loss prevention as well as more advanced topics in physical security, investigations, cash accountability, and shrink management.

Hands-on Interactive Systems Training—Learn it Solutions has enhanced its e-learning authoring tools to allow greater flexibility in screen display and student interaction to provide virtual training on nearly any technical system. This technology allows the student to first see how to perform a particular task within a system and then to interact and get hands-on, demonstrating the steps learned. The result is greater comprehension and a streamlined approach to training technical system capabilities

Learn it Solutions has developed more comprehensive learning tools for the APIS data management system and used the same tools to educate on the proper use and operation of the Intellex Digital Video Recorder and other systems as well.

All training through Learn it Solutions is managed online and can be tracked centrally for compliance reporting and analysis. For more information, call 631-225-3355 or visit www.learnitsolutions.com.

Pelco’s DX8000 Digital Video Recorder

Feature-rich and powerful, Pelco’s new DX8000 represents the next generation of high-performance, PC-based digital video recorders. With its image quality, storage capacity, advanced recorded video search capabilities, audio and server-to-server connectivity, the DX8000 surpasses any competitive DVR offering available in the market place. Designed for the growing mainstream video securitymarket, Pelco’s DX8000 provides superior image recording at rates once thought unimaginable.

This easy-to-operate, high-performance DVR offers high-quality CIF(320×240), 2CIF(640×240), and 4CIF (720×480) video recording. These settings can be adjusted on a camera-by-camera basis. Moreover,vthe DX8000 can be set to record 480 frames-per-second (NTSC) and 400 fps (PAL) at CIF resolution.

As increasing numbers of businesses and facilities around the world—from hospitals and schools to sea ports, governmental offices, and public areas—install video security to protect people and property, the DX8000 is an integral solution to your security presence. With the ability to record, store, and playback video on demand along with a wide range of features, your search is finally over for the DVR for all your demanding video security applications.

For more information, call 800-289-9100 or go to www.pelco.com.

20-in. Flat-Screen Public View Monitor

RuMe Corp, the world’s largest refurbisher of EAS tags and systems, continues expansion of its CCTV capabilities and public view technologies with the release of our new 20” flat-screen public view graphics display monitor with built-in camera and motion detector.

The camera is used to capture and display public view video while the motion detector senses movement and switches from images and graphics to live video feed when someone approaches the area.

With multiple image capability, your public view system becomes multi-purpose and can display a variety of messages to promote awareness and security as well assales and marketing information.  If that sounds exciting, wait until you see what we release next with a brand new tool that will allow you the same functionality with your existing public view equipment. Watch for it in 2005.For more information about RuMe Corp CCTV and public view products, call 631-694-3709 or go to www.rume.com.

Automatic Identification of Fraud with StopLift

What if a computer could watch your video for you? It could scrutinize every transaction to find fraudulent behavior. Leaving no stone unturned, it could identify a dishonest associate the first time he steals, not waiting for him to get too greedy first

Created from research from MIT and Harvard, Stop Lift reportedly makes this possible.

Though the patent-pending technology is complex, the idea is simple—by analyzing the video, the system visually determines what actually takes place during a transaction. Comparing what actually happens with what is supposed to happen (according to the transaction data), the system immediately identifies fraud at the point of sale. And since it is automated, it does so for each and every transaction.

Dishonest employees are thereby caught on the basis of tangible video evidence the very first time they conduct a fraudulent transaction, rather than waiting months or even years for an exception to emerge

“This turns our whole method of finding internal cases on its head,” says one retailer. Current methods try directing LP personnel’s attention in a particular direction, but then require research, video review, and interviews to find enough evidence for a case.Comprehensive automated examination of video, on the other hand, finds thein criminating evidence itself. Asone LP director put it, “There comes a point where you want to stop shooting at alligators and just drain the swamp.” For more information, call Stop Lift at 866-426-2479 or email info@stoplift.com.

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