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Read Hayes, PhD, CPP

Read Hayes, PhD, CPP

Read Hayes, Ph.D., is a research scientist at the University of Florida, and the director of the industry group Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). The University of Florida Crime Prevention Research Team conducts research to provide organizations with improved crime and loss-control methods. The independent LPRC was founded by ten major retail chains in 2000 to help improve their loss prevention results using scientific research.

Today, the LPRC includes over 95 major corporate members working together with scientists in ten working groups focused on significant retail crime and loss-control issues. The LPRC also conducts an annual Impact conference, provides monthly research reports, a weekly email, and hosts R&D in their Innovation Lab as well as virtual workspaces and a research report library on the web for all LPRC members and working groups. LPRC members include Bloomingdales, Home Depot, Target, Walgreens, Big Lots, P&G, Louis Vuitton, Dollar General, Publix, and AutoZone, as well as many leading LP solution providers.

Dr. Hayes started as a store detective in retail loss prevention and has over 30 years’ of hands-on crime and loss-control experience working with organizations worldwide. Read co-founded the University of Florida’s globally used National Retail Security Survey in 1989, and has conducted over 85 LP field research projects.

Dr. Hayes has spoken at over 100 conferences, and is the author of over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, 150 magazine articles, and four top-selling books, including Retail Security and Loss Prevention, 2nd Edition. Dr. Hayes has also provided crime prevention expertise to the New York Times, Fox News, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, Oprah, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fast Company, Discovery Channel, Entrepreneur magazine, USA Today, and the BBC. He is an ongoing contributor to LP Magazine writing the Evidence-Based LP column in each issue.

Dr. Hayes is a criminology graduate of the University of Florida, as well as Leicester University in the UK and can be contacted at read (at) lpresearch (dot) org.

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Evidence-Based LP

Training Makes a Difference

The loss prevention/asset protection industry is full of hard-chargers—individuals striving to get better, to excel at what they do, to make a difference. But increasing loss, crime, and intense retail competition mean we need to continue to get even better.

And the LP industry has really responded over the last years

Evidence-Based LP

Footprints and Flea Markets

Every living person generates signals, signatures, and noise, if you will. As we move through time and space, we shed DNA, talk on phones, travel, register for, apply for, and purchase things—all the while texting, emailing, tweeting, posting, and so on.
Human Footprints
This biological and digital exhaust and our literal and

Evidence-Based LP

Winning Loss Prevention

We always want to win, not just execute. In fact, we must win. When LP loses, life safety, brand image, and financial performance are all at risk. At the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) and University of Florida (UF), that’s our mandate, to support LP/AP success through process and people

Evidence-Based LP

Information Dominance

Intelligence drives the fight. Ask General George Washington. In fact, ask anyone battling an adversary. Good, accurate, current intel and definition makes the total difference. We should know more about our opponents than they know about us. But who does know more? Us or them? If we want to win