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Self-Care for Investigators

In this video, Bryan Barlow, CFI, flips the focus onto the investigator and the impact of traumatizing interviews.

How to Maintain Positive Work Relationships

In this video, Amanda Weaver, CFI, PHR, discusses embracing the balance between maintaining positive work relationships while still fulfilling your responsibilities.

Cognitive Interview Techniques for Memory Retrieval

In this video, WZ's Chris Norris, CFI, demonstrates the systematic process of the cognitive interview to increase memory retrieval from the interview subject.

The Underlying Reasons for False Confessions

In this video, Keith Zupec, CFI, spotlights the underlying reasons for false confessions and strategies an investigator can take to avoid them.  

Building Rapport in Interviews

In this video, Amanda Weaver, CFI, PHR discusses how to build mutual trust and understanding with an interview subject.

A Winning Approach to Pre-Employment Interviews

Important business decisions are made during pre-employment interviews. In this article by LPM's Allie Falk, read how to better your interviewing skills in any management role.

Overcoming Resistance in Interviews

In this video, Sam Reichman, CFI, focuses on sources of resistance and how to manage them during an interview.

Planning and Preparing for Investigative Interviews

In this video, WZ's Chris Norris, CFI, shares tips about the planning and preparation phase of an investigative interview.

Elite Training Days Coming October 24-25

Investigative interviewing is rewarding yet challenging for professional investigators. The Elite Training Days conference is here to help.
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