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Armed Robbery Suspect Known as the Diamond Diva Allegedly a Student of the Crime

The aspiring model dubbed as the “Diamond Diva” allegedly trained for months before stealing over $4 million worth of jewels during an armed robbery spree,...

Armed Robbery Involving Hair Weaves Claims another Victim in Memphis

Memphis police report that two men wearing ski masks killed a male employee during an armed robbery at the 'Bundles of Hair' store in...

Eight-Year-Old Boy Attempts Armed Robbery at Florida Convenience Store

Employees at a Florida convenience store were badly shaken after an eight-year-old boy allegedly attempted an armed robbery at the retail outlet in West...
Gap CCTV Image

Three Armed Robbers Invade Gap Store in Popular Charlotte Shopping Center

Three brazen masked men swept into a Gap store at the upscale Arboretum Shopping Center in south Charlotte, NC, Saturday night before Thanksgiving hoping...

The Evolution of Data Sharing in Retail’s Battle Against ORC

Over the past decade, much has changed in loss prevention. As we look back at the transformation that has occurred...even to this magazine...we see...
Solving Multiple-Suspect Thefts

Solving Multiple-Suspect Thefts

Early in my career, I investigated many multiple-suspect thefts with a less than satisfactory case resolution. Not being able to identify the primary culprit...

Telephone Interviewing: New Tactic for an Old Problem

Times are changing and organizations need to change with them. With the advent of computerized media review, the loss prevention department can target dishonest...
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