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Industrial Security Solutions has been the industry leader in custom EAS Solutions for over twenty years, creating one-of-a-kind solutions for retailers’ toughest shrink problems. Whether it be a high-shrink item with solutions that no longer perform, or a hot new item with no solution flying off the shelves in quite the wrong way, ISS can help.

What Does It Mean to Be an ISS Partner?

First and foremost, it means you have someone who will listen to you. We don’t push a set catalog of the same old solutions. Of course, we have those, but we want to know exactly what you need. If the solution to your specific shrink issue does not exist, we will invent it.

No need to worry, custom solutions with ISS aren’t a long, drawn-out process. In fact, our process of design, prototype, test, and deployment is now down to as little as four months! That is what over twenty years of specialized industry experience will get you.

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Are you ready for the best part? Once we create it, it will be in stock when you need it, and it will stay in stock. ISS’s philosophy of listening intently includes regular meetings with our partners to plan and forecast; we take those rather seriously. If you tell us that you will need something, it will be there waiting for you when you need it. Sadly, this is no longer the industry standard.

Two More Patents Were Secured in 2023!

Keeping with tradition, Industrial Security Solutions is happy to announce two new patents added to the lineup this year. Both result from listening closely to LP/AP professionals who need more than they are getting from their current providers. We listen to the grumbles at the tradeshows, the sighs of disappointment at seeing the same old solutions, and we hear opportunities to improve and innovate. Opportunities that make your work easier!

Introducing the Stingray

Box wraps are great and have long been a staple of EAS rosters for major retailers and boutique stores alike. They provide an enhanced level of security for high price-point items that cannot be secured with a traditional tag and pin combo. Even better is that they keep those items on the shelves easily accessible for customers to inspect, avoiding the need to revamp the planogram to accommodate locked glass cabinets. As always, times change, as do the issues facing LP/AP professionals.

ISS recently had a conversation with a partner struggling with box wraps being defeated after they were taken to secluded areas within various stores. ORC grab and runs were on the rise as well. There wasn’t enough in the budget to roll

out locked cabinets, so they had resorted to securing the box wraps to store shelving with the addition of a cable lock, a two-part solution that was both frustrating and, in our opinion, solvable in a more affordable fashion.

So, the Stingray was born; a patented all-in-one box wrap and cable lock solution. The Stingray will be familiar to any professional who has used the separate solutions combined within its innovative and affordable package. Where the Stingray really shines is in its flexibility, allowing professionals a variety of creative ways to apply it.

The box wrap design allows the Stingray to be applied to the box in any direction, providing the ability to secure the item to an anchor point above, below, behind, or on either side. Stingrays may also be chained together, creating security where no fixture is available to be used as an anchor.

The Stingray can also be manufactured in any size, length, or with any custom branding desired.

Of Course We Made a Slide Tag! Why Wouldn’t We?

Slide sandals have historically been a difficult item to secure. An exhausting balancing act of weighing cost, convenience, and damage to the item usually leaves these sometimes-pricey items unsecured. Well, all it took was someone contacting ISS to ask for it, and now here it is!

The reusable, affordable, and easy-to-use tag features ink as an added deterrent. But that’s not all! Its swinging arm design makes it exceptionally quick to apply and remove. It also allows the customer to try on the shoe for fit and fashion without the worry of a trip hazard created by cabled solutions. And did we mention it was pinless?

Just like the motivation behind the patented design of The Spur Tag, the Slide Tag leaves the shoe damage-free after removal, making it the perfect fit for high-end footwear. There is no pin, meaning fewer pieces in your stockroom and less worry for your customers.

Still Not Convinced?

Reach out today for your own consultation. We’re the best at EAS because it’s all we do. Let us prove it to you. Email us today!

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