RESULTS ARE IN: The LPM Insider Survey

It’s nearly back-to-school time. Last week’s LPM Insider survey question asked about readers’ perception of educational requirements in the industry. Here’s the breakdown of responses.

Do you think a four-year college degree benefits you in your career?

  • 50% – Yes
  • 8.3% – No
  • 41.7% – Maybe / Unsure
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Comments included:

Experience and knowledge gained from specific courses can have a large impact on people we employ.

I do not have a 4-year college degree, but have managed to learn and progress in my field without it. Whether it would be useful or not is hard to say.

I did 4 years in the Marines and 4 years in college before starting in LP. I feel lacking that 8 years exp my peers has held me back in taking those first few steps into a Lead/LPM position. But for LPM and beyond, the answer is a hard yes.

While book sense will help someone understand shrink and the analytics of it, street sense and more importantly common sense play major roles.

Education never hurts.

LP is such a specific trade. It is really much more about engagement, organisationspecific processes and experience than just knowledge from books. I myself for example, having a BSc in public administration and a Msc in crisis and security management have the idea that I started again from scratch now that I started in loss prevention.

More pay.

Demonstrates you have an attitude towards learning and encourages a broader thought process.

It helps you learn about people and prepares you to be better able to face the world.

If you have a desire to advance and move up the chain, then yes, it would be a benefit; but if your aspirations are store level, then no, I don’t think it would help in any way.s

Do you agree? Disagree? Comment below and let us know. If you would like to take the pulse of the industry and have suggestions for future survey questions, please Contact Us.


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