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Shoplifting & Organized Retail Crime

The ALTO Alliance: A Comprehensive Approach to a Complicated Problem

Here is Walgreen’s story of their experience with ALTO Alliance to transform the impact of retail crime in their stores.

Resolving Organized Retail Crime through Retail Criminal Trespass Legislation

Retail criminal trespass legislation can keep the violators out of stores, preventing further retail crime and making our stores safer.

The Power of Public-Private Partnerships in the Fight Against ORC

In markets across the country, loss prevention teams, law enforcement, and offices of the district attorney are coming together to form and strengthen cooperative...

Lobbying for the INFORM Act to Prevent Selling Fake or Stolen Products Online

A top priority for retailers in the next Congress will be an effort to modernize consumer protections laws by passing the INFORM Act.

Retailers Report Rising Cases and Increased Losses from ORC

Organized retail crime is continuing to grow, with the number of dollars lost topping a key threshold for the fifth year in a row.
Auror Investigate

Auror Investigate Allows Investigators to Resolve More Cases, Faster

Designed with and for retail crime investigators, the platform seamlessly brings all current workflows into a single secure platform.

5 Steps to Training LP Practitioners to Be Better Shoplifting Observers

Offender profiling that focuses on arbitrary features of shoplifters, such as sex, ethnicity, and age, is ineffective and costly to retailers.

Don’t Miss the 2020 ORCAs in Action Conference Dec. 1

Register now for a virtual conference Tuesday, December 1, for everyone interested in the fight against organized retail crime.
CVS pharmacy looting

Chicago PD Looting Task Force Added to ORCA in Action Conference

Officials from the Chicago Police Department will discuss Chicago’s Looting Task Force at the upcoming ORCAs in Action Conference Dec. 1st.

Registrations Close Soon for the Retail Crime Summit for Investigators. Don’t Miss Out!

It's free, virtual, and has been designed for all retail AP and LP professionals and law enforcement to benefit.